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Patricia Kopta was nicknamed ‘The Sparrow’ for her erratic gait before going missing

Patricia Kopta

Ross woman Patricia Kopta, who has been found more than 30 years after she went missing, was nicknamed ‘The Sparrow’ for her slight build and erratic gait, which was known Downtown.

She was suddenly gone one day in 1992 and her husband, Bob Kopta, eventually declared his wife “dead”. He is now relieved that his partner has been found at the age of 82.

The missing person is believed to have been found in an adult care home in Puerto Rico.

Why Patricia Kopta was nicknamed The Sparrow

Apparently, Patricia had a unique and erratic gait, which along with her small frame earned her the nickname, The Sparrow.

Her husband told Post Gazette that his wife often commuted to different jobs in Pittsburgh and noted that she was a staunch Christian and a regular churchgoer, who was committed to her faith.

However, in their marriage of 20 years, Bob noticed his wife exhibit some strange behaviors.

Over the years, Patricia’s behaviors became more unpredictable, as she indulged in irrational rants and claimed that the “mother of God appeared to her and warned of a coming nuclear Armageddon.”

She is said to have lost her job as her mental health deteriorated and went around telling people in large gatherings such as in concerts and games that they need to go home because “the world was going to end in three days.”

She went missing in 1992

Patricia was reportedly mugged by a group of girls and had her wedding and engagement rings taken away in 1991 or 1992. She even had run-ins with the police owing to her behavior.

She suddenly went missing in 1992 when her husband came home and didn’t find her. He filed a missing person report with the Ross Police Department and the case remained open for years.

Patricia even wrote to her husband, alleging someone was after her. When the cops consulted a psychic, they were told that she was no longer with them and her “body was close to water.”

She was reportedly admitted to an adult care home in Puerto Rico in 1999, but she wouldn’t discuss her past life and claimed that she traveled to the island on a cruise ship from Europe.

DNA test confirmed her identity

The cops were contacted by a social worker, who thought the woman in the adult care home could be Patricia.

After a forensic process that took nine months, her identity was confirmed. “In addition, we were able to track down a living sister and nephew here in the Pittsburgh area and they also provided cheek swab DNA samples,” Deputy Chief Kohlhepp said.

Patricia’s family is glad that she’s alive, but her mental and physical health seems to be challenged. So, her sister is considering staying with her in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, her husband never re-married after she went missing. They didn’t share any children when they were together.

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