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19 funny 4/20 memes to get you in the ‘high spirited’ mood



19 funny 4/20 memes to get you in the ‘high spirited’ mood

The annual celebration of cannabis on April 20 makes for a perfect opportunity for pot lovers to toke and laugh at these hilarious 4/20-inspired memes on the Internet.

The unofficial holiday celebrates marijuana and brings more attention to the worldwide movement to legalize the plant in their respective countries.

Cannabis is still treated as an illicit drug in a number of countries, but the United States has made recreational use of it legal in 21 states.

Meanwhile, the secret code “420” has long existed and is actively promoted in mainstream media too. And of course, how could we not talk about Snoop Dogg, whose love for pot is synonymous with the celebration?

He is one of the most popular and iconic marijuana advocates, having even released the Full Send merch in collaboration with NELK Boys last year to mark the occasion.

Popular belief holds April 20 or 4/20 is marijuana smokers’ day, but let’s not forget even non-smokers have been rallying to legalize the plant owing to its medicinal properties.

So, here are a few hilarious memes off of Twitter as we celebrate 4/20 with hearty laughter.

19 funny 4/20 memes to get you high on laughter

All the more reason to relax.

The wait is finally over!

Good vibes only.

Too dope we guess.

When you take the unofficial holiday a little too seriously

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Seems like you have company.

Leave your worries behind today.

Keep looking for more signs.

A colorful ride indeed

To the legends.

Hello, High Kitty.

Or entering a different dimension rather?

What’s your pick for the day?

What is it if not a sign from the universe?

Happy 420 from Doge.

A tradition close to every stoner’s heart.

And when you do it right.

You better know what’s cooking!

But no regrets!

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