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Can you zoom out on TikTok? Racy flash trend confuses users



Can you zoom out on TikTok

A raunchy new flash trend has gone viral on TikTok that tells users to ‘zoom out’ to see the full video – but can you actually do that?

As TikTok is a PG app, people are always finding ways to be a little bit NSFW on the child-friendly platform without getting caught.

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The site has very strict Community Guidelines and does not allow any nudity or sexually explicit content on the platform.

Any content that is deemed to be unsuitable is deleted by TikTok almost immediately and could result in your account being banned.

However, users are being a little bit racy with the latest trend, which has left people very confused about how to zoom out on videos.

TikTok flash trend goes viral

The viral trend sees TikTok users, primarily women, filming the top half of themselves so that the video cuts off just above their chest.

They usually show just a tiny part of their low-cut top which is small enough that the video won’t get taken down by TikTok.

In the caption, they write “zoom out,” telling people watching that they should zoom out to see the whole racy video.

It’s called the flash trend because people are hinting that they are about to explicitly ‘flash’ the watcher when they zoom out.

Can you zoom out on TikTok?

No, you can’t zoom out on TikTok videos. The whole trend is a prank – and it’s certainly fooling lots of social media users.

One person commented on one of the clips: “How do you zoom out?”

“Need to know how to zoom out,” said another.

Others are tricking watchers by saying they need to save the video to zoom out. It’s not true, but saving will help them grow their TikTok account.

However, some weren’t fooled by the trend at all, with someone else saying: “Fake news.”

“There is no zoom out,” said another.

A third person added: “You can’t zoom out don’t waste your time.”

The flash trend isn’t the only viral challenge in April. People are also obsessed with effects that change their appearances like the Gender Swap Filter and Old Age Filter.

How to zoom in on TikTok

You can’t zoom out on TikTok videos, but you can zoom in.

If you’re watching a clip and want to see something a little closer, you can zoom in by pinching the screen with two fingers.

Plus, you don’t even have to pause the video to do it. You can zoom in to the clip while it’s playing and watch the entire thing.

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