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How to check your Twitter ranking on Notus as Elon Musk tops the chart

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Notus’ latest report shows Elon Musk has the most influential account as of March 7, 2023, but here’s how you can check your own Twitter ranking.

The billionaire’s ranking on the site shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering he owns the platform. But, there are several other unexpected Twitter accounts that have clearly made an impact on users with high engagement rates.

Every year, Notus shares a list of the 100 most influential Twitter accounts ranked based on their popularity among other factors. You needn’t have to necessarily be a celebrity to land on this, so here’s how you can check your ranking.

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How to check your Twitter ranking on Notus

Notus, also known as Notable Clout drop, allows users to check the ranking of their respective accounts and add them to the leaderboard. You can also nominate yourself or others into a category.

All you need to do is enter your Twitter handle in the search bar next to the Check Rank option on the website.

The site may take a few moments to analyze your account in the past year depending on your top tweets and engagements.

Users with higher Social Cap (the Notus metric to represent how much influence an individual has had on someone depending on their engagement) land on the top.

The account needn’t have to only belong to individual users as popular pages under different categories like sports, entertainment or politics can find themselves on the list too.

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Elon Musk has the most influential Twitter account

Elon is at the top of the Notus ranking with a social cap of 3 billion. The content shared on his account is expected to perform 23.4x better than others with a similar number of followers.

His most popular tweet is from April 2022, when he joked about buying Coca-Cola and adding cocaine back in, followed by one about free speech shared three days earlier.

At the time of writing, the Twitter boss boasts more than 130 million followers on his platform.

Only a few hours ago, he was trending on the site for calling out a Twitter employee, who goes by the name Halli, for not doing actual work. However, he later apologized for his “misunderstanding.”

The Twitter exchange between the two managed to get loads of impressions nevertheless.

More top-ranked Twitter accounts in 2023

Below are the top 20 most influential Twitter accounts with their respective social cap as ranked by Notus.

  • Elon Musk – 3B
  • CHOQUEI – 2.5B
  • BTS_official – 2B
  • cat with confusing auras – 1.7B
  • FIFA World Cup – 1.6B
  • Pop Base – 1.3B
  • Fabrizio Romano – 1.1B
  • Daily Loud – 1B
  • Out of Context Football – 1B
  • Tweets of Cats – 1B
  • WholesomeMemes – 992.7M
  • Tomorrow X Together – 964.7M
  • ESPN FC – 865.2M
  • Catturd – 791.5M
  • Internet hall of fame – 719.5M
  • Pop Crave – 706.4M
  • Corn – 704.4M
  • President Biden – 702.4M

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