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Wesley Wayne Miller Now- Is The Retha Stratton Murder Convict In Prison Or Released Now?

Wesley Wayne Miller Now- Is The Retha Stratton Murder Convict In Prison Or Released Now? See Details Below:

Wesley Wayne Miller is a convicted murderer whose case is yet to feature on Wikipedia. Here is everything about the ’80s talked about assault and murder cases. 

In the year 1982, there was a series of rape cases that occurred in a small city, River Oaks Texas. The neighborhood was petrified with the bizarre happening and nobody could actually come to a conclusion who the culprit was.

Several victims upon being questioned revealed the same kind of situation. A murderer would come with his face covered to sexually assault them. The worst one had to be the murder of Retha Stratton. Let’s get insights into her murderer Wesley Wayne Miller and his whereabouts.

Neither Wesley Wayne Miller nor his murder story ha been coined on Wikipedia. Very little is known about his personal life other than his perverted nature and the series of sexual crimes he has committed over the years.

He was a high school football player in his teens and was dating a girl named Roxy Mcdowell. He was suspected of the murder of Retha Stratton in 1982 because a vehicle that moved from the crime spot matched with what he drove.

Welsey went to Roxy’s house with blood spread pants and asked her to clean them for her. He told her that blood was because of a nosebleed one his fellow players had. Luckily, this conversation was heard by her parents in the next room and they informed the authorities.

Few lies here and there but Wayne could not get away with it for long. 1 hour and the police already knew who the murderer was.

Is Wesley Wayne Miller Still In Prison In 2022?

Yes, Wesley Wayne Miller is still in prison in 2022. He was convicted of the murder instantly and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He applied for a plea agreement in case of one of the rape cases and he got 5 years concession for that.

The bargain reduced his sentence to 20 years. Further, in the year 1991, he got qualified for a session that could get him out of jail in exchange for good behavior. However, he again got arrested for sexual misconduct.

Where Is Wesley Wayne Miller Now?

Over the course of 17 years, he has got out of jail several times and has been arrested again for breaching the parole terms. He is most probably still in jail in the years 2022 as well.

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