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T-Rell and rapper AD reportedly leave No Jumper for new podcast Shame On You

T-Rell and rapper AD reportedly leave No Jumper for new podcast Shame On You

Hosts AD, T-Rell, and DoKnow have left the No Jumper podcast and will embark on a new joint project called the Shame On You podcast.

There has been major drama in the world of Adam22’s No Jumper recently- from serious allegations and the dredging up of old incriminating tweets to the sudden departure of multiple fan favorites.

Following Adam22’s very public firing of Lush, real name Nick Hyams, three key players on the YouTube channel have revealed that they are leaving.

Speaking on DJ Akademiks’ stream, T-Rell announced that he is leaving No Jumper along with rapper AD. He said: “Thank you to Adam for everything he gave me. I don’t got no ill will in my heart for no one.”

He added: “I wanted to be at No Jumper for the long haul…but Imma follow my boy AD, if they (AD, DoKnow and Smac) ain’t there then I gotta rock because we all started this sh*t together, it would not be the same without them.”

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On a Clubhouse stream, AD spoke about leaving No Jumper. Without giving an explicit reason, he mentioned “the business side,” “contracts,” and a live show he had put on with his platform Cuhmunity Clips, which used the same venue as a previous No Jumper live show and sold it out in six hours.

The rappers will host a new podcast

AD, T-Rell, DoKnow, and Smac have posted about a new podcast on their Instagram accounts. In a post that they have all shared, the caption reads: “I stand with my brothers forever new beginnings new blessings.”

The four media personalities will be hosting a new show called Shame On You as well as an entirely new channel called FiggmunityworldNetWork.

Fans support the decision to leave No Jumper

Fans have flocked online to express support for the decision and new show.

On Instagram, fans commented: “If y’all done with no jumper lmk so I can unsubscribe rn,” and “You know u got my support 100% bro.”

The comments section of a Chumunnity video addressing the situation was filled with messages of reassurance.

One user said: “I don’t know if y’all know the impact that this decision had on me yall showed me stick to your morals don’t compromise for nobody stay grounded and wait your turn. Don’t be scared to take that first step, thank you Cuhmunnity.”

Another added: “I’m so Proud of you Black Men!! I wish you Nothing but Success!!”


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