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Pretty Oyinbo Lady Backs Her Baby With Nigerian Wrapper, People Keep Looking at Her, Video Goes Viral

A young oyinbo lady surprised many people abroad as she backed her baby with a traditional Nigerian wrapper

Many who were amazed by the act stopped her, took pictures and played with her beautiful daughter

Nigerians who reacted to her video said that backing a baby is the best way as it is more secure than a carrier

A young oyinbo lady has surprised many people online after she showed the moment she backed her baby the Nigerian way in public.

After tying the girl to her back, the lady known as @martinejarim on TikTok walked amid other white people who could not stop looking at her.

Pretty Oyinbo Lady Backs Her Baby With Nigerian Wrapper People Keep Looking at Her Video Goes Viral
The oyinbo lady carried her baby the Nigerian way Photo source martinejarim<br>Source TikTok

Oyinbo lady backs her kid

Many people took photos of her and her baby from afar. A woman stopped them to play with the kid.

A particular lady asked for a closeup photo as the mum waited for them to take the shot. More foreigners interacted with the mother and daughter on their way.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 6000 comments and more than 250,000 likes.

WOTHAPPEN compiled some of the reactions below:

Flora Jite Igogori said:

“Africa way of backing baby. very safe and handing.”

Official Presh said:

“The legendary yellow wrapper every mother has it… in different designs.”

I am Khan said:

“This wrapper still first me enter overseas.”

Joan_skylar said:

“This is the right way to carry your child less stressful…. You’re beautiful so is your baby.”

Babycruz said:

“The lady carrying her baby on baby carrier is going to buy rapper to try it.”

user3710404778862 said:

“Mummy come and see your opener wrapper ooo, oyibo don carry am enter online, lovely though.”

Mother backs two babies

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN earlier reported that a video shared online by @adamsmercy685 showed the moment a mother bore the weight of her two kids on her back.

With a smiling face, the woman held the babies together on her back with a single piece of cloth. Many people were wowed.

The kids, who were arranged as if they were straddling a bench, looked comfortable in the position their mother placed them.

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