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Pepsi labeled ‘heavy’ in Missouri vending machine turns TikTok users curious

Pepsi labeled ‘heavy’ in Missouri

A vending machine allegedly found in Central Missouri with Pepsi labeled as “heavy” has caught a lot of attention on TikTok as users are trying to figure out what it is!

Pepsi recently launched Peeps, which is believed to taste like marshmallows with a hint of vanilla. We even told you about the taste of Move by Coca-Cola, which many say is similar to coconut.

However, the so-called “Heavy Pepsi” isn’t going viral for its flavor, but instead for what it is. We don’t know the answer either but here’s what the original residents of Central Missouri have to say.

‘Heavy Pepsi’ catches TikTok users’ attention

“If you know, you know! Central Missouri thing”, reads the overlay text in a viral TikTok, which features a vending machine allegedly filmed in Central Missouri.

It shows someone filling their empty cup with Pepsi, which is labeled as “heavy”, not once, but thrice!

You can also find other sodas besides Pepsi, but none of them have been given the extra label. This has left users scratching their heads.

No other details have been shared and the same frame shows Pepsi Wild Cherry too. The video in question has clocked more than 668,000 views since it was first posted four days ago.

People can’t stop guessing what it is

Let’s take a look at all the possible explanations for “Heavy Pepsi” offered by TikTok users. Even though the made-up combination of Pepsi drink is said to be popular among people from Central Missouri, a lot of them have claimed they are clueless about it.

However, those who claim to have tried the drink have noted that Heavy Pepsi is nothing but the original soda with “extra syrup.”

Apparently, a few gas stations in the state sell sodas dubbed as “heavy,” owing to the amount of syrup in them.

Some users have used the opportunity to make wild guesses, suggesting “heavy Pepsi” comes with a small percentage of alcohol, which is highly unlikely, considering they are sold publicly in gas stations.

But, many residents of Missouri refuse to believe it is a thing in their state as they have never heard of it.

“I’ve lived in Missouri for 30 years and never seen it.,” wrote one.

Another added, “where in Central MO are you? I’ve never seen that. I’m in Rolla and also Jefferson my whole life”

“I really want to know where this is found. Any leads?,” read one comment.

Another user said: “Can someone please explain what heavy Pepsi is? I’m lost!”

No, it isn’t a real drink

As some users are confused about whether “Heavy Pepsi” is a real drink manufactured by PepsiCo Inc, let us clarify that it isn’t.

Even though some have claimed to have tried it, users want more proof that the made-up drink actually exists and is available in different parts of the state. For now, only one TikTok user has filmed and shared it online.

As some of them have noted, it is also possible that the vending machine seen in the viral video could be the only one in the country to dispense TikTok’s new-found “Heavy Pepsi.”

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