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“Party Scatter”: Bride Chases Away Curvy Lady Dancing Romantically With Groom at Wedding, Video Trends

An exciting video of a bride chasing away a curvy lady for dancing with the groom has gone viral

The bride was not having it as the lady took to the stage to dance with the groom in a rather suggestive manner

The groom didn’t seem bothered by the dance, instead he continued even to the point of grabbing the lady

A colourful wedding almost turned into a disaster after the groom decided to showcase his dance skills to a curvy lady.

A viral video shows the groom dancing with the lady who smiled heartily while boldly rocking him.

The bride angrily walks out of the wedding venue. Photo Credit: @gossipmillnaija
Source: Instagram

The lady was, however, dancing suggestively, much to the utter disapproval of the bride.

The bride pushed the dancing lady away while her husband just laughed. The dancing lady returned within seconds and continued the suggestive dance with the groom.

The bride expressed her disapproval to both of them, but the groom refused to stop dancing with the woman and even grabbed her from behind whilst they continued.

The bride, who had enough, walked out of the reception venue.

Social media reactions

@ _annyb commented:

“The Marriage ends there. Shey she no know say nah so e be before she agree to wedding. May we no marry what we don’t understand.”

@aphizah commented:

“May we not end up with what we can’t explain.”

@laviva_mandi wrote:

“This is rude on all levels, not funny at all.”

@angelchristopher1 said:

“This is so wrong, Why push her when you can just slap her.”

@prince_izuu wrote:

“Guy you no try joor, respect your woman if you are ready to be her man better stay single.”

@m.o.n.e.z commented:

“The dancing demon knows what she is doing. She is seeking attention from what seems like her man too. It has been going on for a long time, it hasn’t started there at the dance floor. Nowadays sidechics attend family gatherings too. They mingle with his friends and colleagues and they all know about it. None of your husband’s friends is your friend, they know he is cheating on you and will still lie in your face “we have never seen our brother this happy.”

@extiana_signature said:

“Thank God my friends wanna live long.” commented:

“So the groom couldn’t read the room. Una Dey marry sha, anything to put the name tag MRS.”

@kelvinsmart40 said:

“You can do that here in California, definitely they will send you parking.. that’s why I can’t come back to Nigeria.”

@chefnshopper wrote:

“The only excuse I can make for this will be that, the Lady dancing with the groom is his bloød sister. If not, then this is disrespectful.”

@iamqneth commented:

“Why disrespect your bride and even in your reception ground? the bride should watch that lady cos she would be her competitor in that marriage tomorrow O.”

@dutchofsuxez wrote:

“I pity her, she Dey see the signs but ignoring them all. Both the friend and her husband should be on the watch list.”

@hairbyire commented:

“Who be dat girl sef them you still get mind go slap for don touch you and the pursue you back one wey call himself husband.”

@jose_mish20 wrote:

“I don’t know their situation but the bride should have left the instant that lady came back and her man didn’t send her away. It’s either she’s the one who begged the man to marry her or she’s even sponsoring the wedding. There’s no woman who knows her self worth that can stand such blatant disrespect in front of her friends and family on her special day. As a man, I’m saying that her husband is irresponsible and full of sht.”

Watch the video below:

Lady ends marriage after 10 hours

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that the marriage of a newly wedded couple hit the rocks barely 10 hours after they walked down the aisle.

A Twitter user who shared the story revealed that the bride was his colleague at work. The lady’s colleague said the couple had an undisclosed misunderstanding in their hotel room.

The groom said to have got drunk at the just concluded wedding occasion and hit his woman. Without hesitation, the pained bride gathered her stuff in the hotel room and stormed off, walking out of the marriage.

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