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“You Dey Mad?”: Bride Screams on the Road as She Discovers Her Bestie Slept with Groom a day to Their Wedding

There was drama on a busy road as a newly-wedded bride reacted with anger after a shocking discovery

The lady found out that her best friend slept with the groom a day before their wedding

People tried to hold the angry bride, who would not stop shouting at the top of her voice as she vowed to end the marriage

A newly-wedded bride cried out publicly after finding out that her man slept with her best friend a day before their wedding ceremony.

The incident, which happened in public, caused quite a stir such that many people gathered around the wedding entourage.

She screamed and made a scene in public. Photo Credit: @addi_street
Source: TikTok

In a video seen on TikTok, people tried to hold off the bride as she screamed at a lady believed to be her best friend.

A man was hugging the groom as he knocked him in Pidgin English for messing things up.

The bride, while screaming, stated that she would not continue with the marriage.

The accused lady, who sported a wine-coloured dress, could be seen gesturing as if pleading for mercy.

Watch the video below:


#question from @addi_street Bride found out her Bestfriend slept with the Groom days or a day before wedding 🤭🤦. #betrayal #weddingwahala #fypage

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Social media reactions

aishjim said:

“This is really sad I feel her pain.

“But God forbid I ever fight over a man and they’re blaming just the girl, how about the groom.”

Hadassah said:

“If you say or like a comment saying don’t blame the girl we should all be afraid of you. A day before the wedding nitori olorun!!”

Sibby said:

“She should just move on. That man did more than just sleep with the friend. The trust is gone and he will cheat again.”

tamah said:

“I just cant go into that kind of future.with a best friend who can even kill me for my this kind husband fit sleep my sister.I cannot.”

Miss Ri said:

“Because whoever is holding me will start bleeding let me go n hug my friend I want to thank her for showing me I was making the wrong decision.”

user4590265594299 said:

“Probably wasn’t the first time they slept together and the friend had to ruin the wedding.jelosi jelosi oohh.”

Ria said:

“She literally did her a favour. Imagine if she had actually married this guy. My Sister God loves you.”

Man finds out his best friend married his girlfriend

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a Nigerian man discovered his girlfriend married his best friend.

Sambo Mai Hula, via his Twitter, handle @Abdullahiabba_, said his friend had graced the wedding occasion of a close pal on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

To Sambo’s friend’s shock, the bride was Fatima, a lady he had been dating for three years.

Sambo’s friend wanted to settle down with the lady, but that dream seemed to have crashed with his bitter discovery.

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