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Who Is Itsmyrayeraye Husband? Find Out If She Is Still Married Or Divorced



Itsmyrayeraye, an internet web star is reportedly divorced from her husband. Here, we will learn Who is Itsmyrayeraye’s husband and try to dig the truth in the rumors.

Itsmyrayeraye is a well-known social media celebrity, who has gained widespread recognition on the web. She is an American influencer and quite famous on Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok.

She mostly makes vlogs and videos about beauty products and traveling. She had recently tweeted a sad post about her relationship and love life, which has gained the attention of her well-wishers.

Who Is Itsmyrayeraye Husband? Is She Divorced?

Itsmyrayeraye was married to her husband Eric Boyce after dating for about eight years.

The pair had been married for over three years when the divorce rumors began to circulate online.

Raye and Eric even had a baby together. They gave birth to a baby daughter, who they named Zoe Gabriella Boyce. She was born on 29th January 2019.

They shared a home and were quite content in their relationship. However, they have spared many details about their relationship.

Their love life has gotten a lot of attention due to separation speculations. With the rumor, people have expressed a variety of viewpoints.

Raye, on the other hand, tweeted that she loves everyone, even if they don’t love her. For about a decade, the pair had been together.

Her fans adored the couple and thought they were made for each other. Everyone has been taken aback by the couple’s rumored separation.

She has yet to confirm her divorce from her spouse on YouTube. She tweeted “I wish I had a big family at this time of year,” last Christmas. 

She has not acknowledged her divorce in her Twitter messages, but it appears that the couple has split up.

Furthermore, many have begun to encourage Raye to stay strong and support her on social media. She hasn’t spoken much about her relationship status because she is going through a difficult moment.

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Itsmyrayeraye Name And Instagram: Know Her Real Name

Itsmyrayeraye is her web stage name. Her real name is Raye Boyce and is on Instagram as @itsmyrayeraye.

Itsmyrayeraye is her brand name and is mostly known by it. All her official social media handle is of the same name.

She got her name Boyce from her husband, but her birth name is still unknown to the public. She is very famous in the cosmetic world and is endorsed by several brands.

She has more than 1.5 million followers on her Instagram handle and is very active on the platform. She mostly posts beauty tips and information. She has made more than 2200 posts over the span of 8 years.

Her posts are also filled with her baby daughter and she seems very good at parenting. But on the contrary, she does not post most often about the father of the child.

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