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What Happened To Markeith Lloyd’s Eye? Receives Death Penalty For Debra Clayton And Sade Dixon Killing

What happened to Markeith Lloyd’s eye? People are interested in learning what caused his injury. Continue reading to find out more about the case.

Markeith Lloyd was sentenced to death following the brutal murder of an Orlando officer.

However, the sentencing is being postponed for a variety of reasons, which are detailed below.

What Happened To Markeith Lloyd’s Eye?

Markeith Lloyd lose his eye when officers in Orlando beat him severely during his arrest. Lloyd was apprehended outside an abandoned house on Lescot Lane in Carver Shores after a massive manhunt.

Officers kicked Lloyd in the face, causing him to lose an eye, but were acquitted later.

According to police, he fatally shot officer Clayton on Jan. 9, 2017, at a Walmart on Princeton Street. She was trying to arrest him for the December 2016 murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend Sade Dixon.

In 2017, a Florida judge sentenced him to death for fatally shooting an Orlando police officer. While on the run for murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

On Jan. 9, 2017, he was spotted by a Walmart shopper a month after murdering his partner and fleeing.

According to prosecutors, the shopper informed Clayton, who was also in the store, and she attempted to stop him. Clayton was killed in a shootout outside the store with Lloyd.

Markeith Lloyd Killed 24-Years Old Girlfriend Sade Dixon & Was Sentenced

Markeith Lloyd killed his 24 years old pregnant, ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon in 2016. He was already serving a life sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and now he faces a death sentence for the first-degree murder of officer Clayton.

He was examined by Dr. James Campbell, a clinical psychologist to assess him for PTSD and trauma in December 2021. Jurors heard from Lloyd’s family members, who argued against his death sentence. Medical experts testified about Loyd’s health as well.

“Mr. Lloyd spoke about emotionally intense experiences he had as a child. It was also multiplied by a couple of movies, specifically Roots and Mississippi Burning,” Campbell explained.

“They were racially motivated, systemic violence, systemic racism once more.”

Dr. Jeffrey Colino, a forensic neurologist, said Loyd most likely suffered from brain damage before being arrested in connection with Clayton’s murder.

He was previously diagnosed with organic psychosis and orbital frontal syndrome.

As a result, Lloyd’s sentencing for murder has been postponed again. Finally, on Thursday, he was sentenced to death by a judge.

Who Is Markeith Lloyd? Wikipedia Details

Markeith Lloyd is a murderer who was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend as well as an Orlando police officer in 2017. He does not have a Wikipedia profile yet, but the news about his arrest and sentence is found in several tabloids, like ours.

He was a married man with a wife and a beautiful daughter. The family paid him frequent visits in prison and joked that he had gained notoriety.

During a visit, his daughter stated, “I have got over 150 friend requests because of you.” “I think I got around 480.”

Loyd expressed dissatisfaction with the justice system.

“They devised the justice system to re-enslave slaves,” he explained. “Grandma said that you were the greatest thing my momma had,” said Loyd’s daughter.

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