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WATCH: Anne Hathaway’s dancing video at Paris party has fans hooked

WATCH Anne Hathaways dancing video at Paris party has fans hooked

Multiple videos of Anne Hathaway dancing and enjoying herself at a Paris Fashion Week after-party have gone viral, leaving fans mesmerized.

The Princess Diaries actress has stolen the show with her incredible moves.

The Hollywood star has graced a number of fashion shows with her presence in recent months, mesmerizing fans with stunning couture outfits.

But her dancing skills have stolen the social media spotlight after several videos from Paris Fashion Week went viral on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram.

Anne Hathaway’s dancing video from Paris Fashion Week

Anne Hathaway has enamored fans around the world with her impressive dancing skills.

The actress was filmed dancing and singing along to Moulin Rouge’s track Lady Marmalade at a Valentino after-party during Paris Fashion Week last month.

The viral video was shared by Paris-based TikTok user @kerosenne who danced alongside the Hollywood star. “Suddenly I see Anne Hathaway”, the TikToker captioned the clip which has gained 17.6 million views.

Earlier, Anne attended the Valentino haute couture show where she sported the same leopard-printed dress from the viral clip.

You can watch the video that has so many people on social media talking below:

TikTok video has fans hooked

The TikTok video has mesmerized many fans across the globe and a number of them reshared snippets across different platforms.

Under the video above, one person commented: “She’s everything I want to be forever and always.”

Someone else wrote: “That’s the Queen of Genovia right there.”

Another fan is interested in attending a party with the star and asked: “How do I party with Anne Hathaway?”

A fourth one added: “My toxic trait is thinking I look this good when dancing and singing along.”

Anne opens up about living life ‘differently’

The trending after-party video comes after the Hollywood star opened up dealing with anxiety at media events and how she lives life a “little differently” now.

“I’m so lucky that my life has always been very, very full and fortunate. But I’m in a place where I’m able to enjoy it differently,” she told Entertainment Tonight in October 2022.

“I used to come to these things and I would truly tremble. I would be so anxious. It is a little sad that I was able to be in all those wonderful places and the only thing I could feel was scared.”

The actress added: “I’m just living life a little differently now and I’m enjoying it. I’m so focused and connected to my gratitude.”

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