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Timothy Ighoefe Wikipedia And Age, How Old Tall Is Basketball Player?



Timothy Ighoefe is a young college basketball player and people are getting curious to know about his height as well as age.

Timothy Ighoefe has been playing as a Center forward for the Georgetown Hayos on the Big East conference under the NCAA division.

His team is set to play against Villanova Wildcats on the ongoing NCAA men’s basketball tournament on the 20th of February, 2022.

How Old And Tall Is Georgetown Hoyas Timothy Ighoefe? 

Timothy Ighoefe is currently 21 years old and measures around 7 feet tall in height.

He was born on the 6th of June, 2000 in Lagos, Nigeria but currently living in Washington DC and it must have been quite long since he began living there.

As his love for basketball was growing day by day into him, he began honing his skills after getting selected into the NBA Academy Africa program.

Apparently, his talent and performance skills brought him to the United States, and currently, he is a senior at the University of Georgetown.

Find Timothy Ighoefe On Wikipedia 

Timothy Ighoefe is not present on Wikipedia as of now but we can expect to see him on it very soon.

He has been showing his basketball skills at a very huge level and this is the particular reason behind him gaining an amazing fan following over time.

Before coming to the US, he was practicing with the local teams in Lagos and after being a part of the NBA academy he got an opportunity to a tour of Europe.

Who Are The Parents Of Timothy Ighoefe?

We do not have proper details about the parents of Timothy Ighoefe on the internet as of the moment.

As his origin is Nigerian, we guess either his parents are still living in Nigeria or they all have currently migrated to the United States.

But apart from everything, his parents must have been his biggest support system to date and he seems extremely grateful for that.

Also, most of his family members as well as his parents attended his games and have been accompanying him through his basketball journey till now.

Does Timothy Ighoefe Have A Girlfriend?

Timothy Ighoefe has been silent about his personal life as of now so we do not have information about his girlfriend currently.

Although he is present on social media platforms like Instagram @timmudi, it has been hard to find out any information regarding his love life.

Timothy must be focusing more on his career at basketball at present rather than on building relationships but the actual truth lies within him.

Moreover, from his social media activities, we can assume that this young and handsome hunk can impress any person he like with his charm. 

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