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    Sophie Hunter, Benedict Cumberbatch Wife Bio, Height, Age, Family

    On November 5th , 2014 a common newspaper announcement announced the upcoming marriage of English actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The news caused quite a stir as he was a movie star. It also broke many hearts around the world, and people wondered about the lady holding on to it. If you belong to the last category, the lucky lady’s name is Sophie Hunter. Hunter is also an accomplished person in his own right.

    Sophie Hunter Bio (Age)

    Sophia Irene Hunter was born on the 16th of March 1978. She was raised in London and attended a posh private school called St Pauls Girls School. She then studied French and Italian at the renowned Oxford University. Jäger’s academic activities didn’t stop there, she also studied avant-garde theater at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater in Paris. Avant-garde theater is a form of theater that invents new techniques and concepts of acting. Sophie Hunter has built a successful career as a theater and opera director since leaving school. She has directed several plays in her native England, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Some of them are The Terrific Electric , Ghosts ,Enron , Lucretia , Sleep No More , Phaedra and The Turning of the Screw .

    The 2007 play, The Terrific Electric , made her directorial debut and won the 2007 Samuel Theater Trust Award. Sophie Hunter is also an actress and musician. As an actress, she has appeared in television series such as Midsomer Murders , Mumbai Naming , Keen Eddie and Torchwood . She has also appeared in films such as VanityFair and Burlesque Tales. When it comes to music, Hunter plays the piano and boasts some good vocals as well. She has two EPs to her credit. These EPs were recorded in collaboration with English musician Guy Chambers. The first is called The Isis Project (2005), while the second is Songs for a Boy (2011).


    Sophie Hunter comes from a family of five. Her mother’s name is Anna Katharine while her father’s name is Charles Rupert. She has two brothers named Timothy and Patrick. Jäger’s parents divorced while she was growing up and her father subsequently married a lady named Katharine Alexander. His second marriage produced a half brother (Sam) and a half sister (Lily-Rose) for Hunter. Sophie Hunter comes from a noble background when it comes to her extended family. Her maternal grandfather was the late General Sir James Michael Gow. He served as commander of the British Army of the Rhine.

    her husband and children

    Sophie Hunter is married to a famous English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbatch is an accomplished theatre, television and film actor. He has acted in numerous stage productions and TV series. He has also appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Astonishing Grace , 12 Years a Slave , The Mimic Game , Doctor Strange , Avengers: End Game , Star Trek Into Darkness and more. Hunter and her future husband first met on the set of the film in 2009. Burlesque Tales. They became friends but did not continue their friendship as they were in different relationships at the time. Hunter had a longtime friend named Conrad Shawcross. Cumberbatch, on the other hand, was dating an actress named Olivia Poulet.

    The duo later went unencumbered and startedThey announced their engagement in November 2014 and their wedding took place on Valentine’s Day 2015. The solemn ceremony took place in a medieval church (St. Peter and St. Paul) on the Isle of Wright.

    The couple was able to land such a historic venue due to the fact that Hunter was related to the previous owners of the property. Wedding guests included Hollywood stars like Tom Hiddleston and Andrew Scott.

    Hunter and her husband have two sons together. Her first, Christopher Calton, was born in June 2015. They welcomed their second, Hal Auden, in March 2017. The couple announced they will be welcoming a third child in 2019.


    Sophie Hunter is 5ft 8in tall (1.73m) and weighs 62kg. Her chest size is 35 inches while her waist size is 25 inches. Her hip size, on the other hand, is 35 inches. Hunter’s hair color is brown while her eye color is blue. Easily one of the sexiest celebrities out there, Hunter’s husband has a huge female following. However, reports indicate that Hunter is unaffected by this fact.

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