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Is Kerrion Franklin Arrested In California? Alleged Connection To Murder Of Woman



The internet has been taken over by rumors concerning Kerrion Franklin’s arrest. Nonetheless, the parts of the rumor have not yet been proven accurate; thus their reliability is still questionable.

Kerrion Franklin is the son of an American choirmaster, Kirk Franklin. He is most recognized for his leadership of urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property, and One Nation Crew.

Kirk has received various honors, including 16 Grammy Awards. Franklin has been labeled the “Reigning King of Urban Gospel” by Variety also, is one of the first entrants into the Black Music, and Entertainment Walk of Fame.

Kerrion, Franklin’s oldest son, released an audio clip of a private discussion between himself and his father in March 2021, in which both can be heard uttering profanities. Franklin afterward apologized to his fans and followers.

Is Kerrion Franklin Arrested In California?

Kerrion Franklin was arrested while driving in California after Beverly Hills police officers stopped him for a broken car taillight. When the cops searched his car, they had discovered an illegal pistol.

When authorities discovered an illegal firearm in Franklin’s car, he was detained for additional questioning. During questioning, he stated that the pistol did not belong to him and knew nothing about it.

He was caught after being charged with many felonies, according to Larry Reid Pateron. Kerrion was caught after police stopped his vehicle for broken tail light and discovered an illegal pistol in his car.

He is the son of Shawn Ewing and Kirk Franklin, his mother’s maiden name. Kerrion was welcomed into Shawn and Kirk’s home following their marriage. They’ve been together since they were kids.

Kerrion Franklin Alleged Connection To Murder Of Woman

Following additional questioning, it was discovered that the four-wheeler Kerrion Franklin was driving did not also belong to him. That automobile belonged to a missing female, who is rumored to be murdered.

Franklin has now been charged with three felonies and is being held in Texas. However, the formal report of his arrest has yet to be issued, and the charges and the mugshots are yet to be made public.

Kerrion, who was detained, accused his parents of abandoning him. On the other hand, Kirk constantly tossed such claims to the ground whenever he was questioned. Kirk asserted that he always assisted him in rescuing him from his wrongdoings. While Kerrion’s mother also refused to accept the charges made by her son in a podcast.

What Happened To Kirk Franklin’s Son?

Kirk Franklin’s Kerrion Franklin has been a candidate for a long time, and his sexuality has always been a source of contention. He might be gay, yet he has never publicly acknowledged it, making it impossible to be specific.

Many assume this is due to his sexual orientation. In any case, this claim is without merit because there is no proof that Kirk is homophobic. Kerrion might be able to provide some light on the matter.

Rumors have circulated that he is dating Durrell Smylie; however, this has yet to be proven. The actual cause for his positive connection with his father is unknown to the general world.

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