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    Creative wedding invitation SMS for friends both on WhatsApp, text and online for Covid

    Creative wedding invitation SMS for friends both on WhatsApp, text and online for Covid

    Wedding Invitation Messages: A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that is both beautiful and holy. The phrases on a wedding invitation card usually decide whether or not a certain visitor will attend the ceremony. The wording on your wedding invitations should be original and elegant. It can be difficult to come up with the appropriate wedding invitation wording. However, here are a few wedding invitation wording samples that will leave your guests exclaiming, “Wow!” ‘I’m not going to miss this wedding in a million years.’ Bride and groom, parents, and partners are all invited to attend the wedding ceremony in the sample wedding invitation messages.

    Perhaps you’re trying to come up with modern wedding invitations to send to your friends and are looking for the greatest wedding invitations ideas. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest basic wedding invites.
    The most effective wedding invitation SMS

    We’ve compiled a variety of wedding invitation message kinds in this article; some are serious and sincere, while others are amusing and humorous. We even have some classic wedding invites that will never go out of style.
    SMS wedding invitations with a personal touch

    Choose from this wonderful collection of traditional wedding invitations:

    • My dearest companion! On my wedding day, I couldn’t forget about you. I genuinely hope you will allow me to invite you to my wedding.
    • You are cordially welcomed to attend our wedding ceremony as an honorable guest. We want to meet you at our magnificent wedding venue.
    • We are overjoyed to share the news of our beloved son’s wedding on [date]. We look forward to having your presence as he exchanges wedding vows.
    • You are cordially welcomed to my wedding ceremony, which will be held on [date]. Allow us to be blessed by your presence on this holy day.
    • We respectfully beg that you join us on [date] as our loving son/daughter marries [name]. We value your blessings the most!
    • We ask you to join us in celebrating the wedding of [name] and [name] on [date] at [location]. We look forward to seeing you and your family!
    • We look forward to receiving your blessing on our wedding day more than anything else. With your sweet presence, let us all enjoy the holy event.
    • Without you, the joy of our wedding would be incomplete. Your friendship has made a difference in our lives. Let’s all rejoice together.
    • We sincerely hope that you and your entire family will be able to join us for our wedding ceremony. Come observe our wedding and offer us heartfelt prayers for our future.
    • Many things in life are transient; they come and go. Marriage, on the other hand, only happens once if it is a true relationship. As a result, you should surely attend our wedding and experience the union of two loving hearts firsthand!
    • There are some moments in life that are extremely significant. The most important holiday for me is the wedding. So, my dear friend, I’d want to invite you to my and my partner’s important day.
    • Dear friends, we’d like to invite you to our children’s wonderful wedding. We promise that this day will be one to remember. Come and see how true love triumphs!
    • We are honored to invite you, closest friends, to our son/wedding, daughter’s as he/she prepares to embark on a new adventure in life and tie the knot with his/her future husband/wife.
    • Greetings, dear friend! I would appreciate your presence on the most significant and responsible day of my life — the day I marry my favorite man/woman. Before I begin my new life with the person I love, I look forward to meeting you, hearing your wise words, and receiving a warm hug.
    • Respectfully, comrades! I’d appreciate your attendance at my momentous occasion – my wedding to the person I adore. The wedding ceremony will not be the same without you. If you decide to join me in celebrating this joyous occasion, I will be eternally thankful!
    • Greetings, brother/sister! I’m sending you this letter because I’d like to express my desire to see you on my beautiful wedding day. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the day I marry since the wedding will be incomplete without you. I adore you.
    • We’d like to invite you to join us in celebrating the day we take the next big step in our relationship. We guarantee that the wedding will be spectacular. We would be eternally thankful if you could join us in celebrating our love!
    • We are writing to inform you that you have been invited to our son/wedding. daughter’s You will have the opportunity to join us in a celebratory celebration of my son/excellent daughter’s relationship with his/her fiancé/fiancée, which has bloomed since the first day and culminated in their decision to make it official. We’re looking forward to seeing you on this special day as they exchange wedding vows!
    • You are cordially welcomed to our approaching wedding, which will commemorate the union of two passionate hearts. We’d love to see you at the ceremony and hear your heartfelt wishes for our future together.

    Traditional wedding invitation SMS

    • Please join us in celebrating our approaching wedding, which will take place this weekend. We hope you will be able to join us on our wonderful day, and we would be delighted to see you. All prayers are appreciated!
    • My dearest and closest friend, I’d want to invite you to the most important event of my life, which is coming up soon. I’m so eager to marry the love of my life, and I wouldn’t want this wedding to happen without my best friend in the world present. Please join my prospective husband/wife and myself in our joyous celebrations. We adore you and eagerly await your arrival!
    • My dear buddy, you have always been there for me in my highs and lows, and now the most important day of my life — my wedding – has arrived. I and (husband/name) wife’s would be delighted if you could join us! Without you, the ceremony will be completed. Come join us in our joy!
    • Greetings, friends! We’d like to extend a warm invitation to you to attend our wedding ceremony and bless us with your presence. We hope you will be able to join us on this momentous day to witness the strengthening of our unbreakable bond in person!
    • If our wonderful friends were unable to attend the ceremony, our wedding day would be incomplete. As a result, we humbly request that you join us on the most important day of our lives.
    • This isn’t only a day to eat the best food, have a good time, and wear the most fashionable outfits. This is the first day of our married life, and it marks the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship. And this day would be perfect only if my great friends are around to see me marrying my love. As a result, we’d like to extend an invitation to you and your family to join us on our happy day!
    • We’ve been together for a long time, and on this day, we exchange wedding vows, making our partnership official. At our special celebration, we would like only our closest friends and family to attend. This is why we cordially invite you to join us on this special day and bestow your blessings. This day will lose its luster without you. Please attend our wedding; we look forward to seeing you there!
    • Our dear friends, we have decided to share our lives with you and to be with one other in joy and sorrow. We want you to join us on this journey. Please attend our lovely wedding ceremony; we hope to see you there!
    • When we meet someone with whom we can share our troubles and happiness, we want to tell the rest of the world. We cordially invite you, our beloved friends, to join us in celebrating our wedding with a lively dance, delectable desserts, and pricey wine. Please let us enjoy the pleasure of your company on our special day.
    • We’re excited to share that we’d like to make our dream of being eternally together a reality by joining the eternal promise. As a result, dear friends, we cordially welcome you to attend our spectacular wedding ceremony and share our joy.
    • I’d like you, my friends, to be by my side on the most important day of my life, to lead me through the life-changing marriage ceremony, and to soothe my fears as I marry the man/woman of my dreams.

    Funny wedding invitations

    You can make your invitation a little more lighthearted and send them less formal invites if you have wonderful pals that are pleasant to hang out with and understand your jokes. Keep in mind that you must be absolutely certain that the buddies in question have a decent sense of humor and will appreciate the joke.

    This list includes messages with informal wedding invitation wording that you may use to create amusing invitations.

    Here are some creative wedding invites to get you started:

    • My buddy, you aren’t particularly charming or amusing, but if you attend my wedding, the other guests will appear to be so.
    • Our wedding is scheduled for (day of the wedding), and (name of your future husband/wife) stated it would be fine if you arrived.
    • We cordially invite you to our wedding and hope you will attend! Please think carefully about your gift, since if we don’t like it, we’ll have to return it to you for your own wedding.
    • We’re about to take a major step in our lives, and all we have to do now is contact you to be there for us.
    • So, how do we intend to make our wedding ceremony one to remember? So far, we have no idea. But, well, why not come anyway?
    • We’ve been talking about getting married for a while, so I think it’s time.
    • Because our wedding ceremony will involve a dance floor and an open bar, who else but you would receive our first invitation?
    • Please come to our wedding! You’ve always been a great friend to me, and my husband/wife-to-be is only mildly annoyed by you, so please come!
    • As you know, my husband/wife-to-be and I are the ideal couple, but we often wonder where we would be if it weren’t for you. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
    • We appreciate the role you’ve played in our life for so long, but you need to change it now. Just kidding, but we’d love for you to attend our wedding!
    • Come to our wedding ceremony; there will be plenty of cake!
    • We’ve been best buddies since the day we met! Oh, and you’re also quite nice. Please think about attending our wedding!
    • If you aren’t here to cheer us on and give inappropriate whistles, walking down the aisle will be worthless. Please attend our wedding!
    • You are one of those select few buddies from whom we will not accept any excuses. You have the option of attending our wedding ceremony or paying your fee afterwards.
    • Do you recall saying that my future husband/wife will be the one and only for me? It turns out you were right all along! What would the wedding be like now if you weren’t there?
    • As a result, you will be invited to our wedding ceremony, and in exchange, we will make your favorite dish for you (insert the name of a meal that your friend loves).
    • We’re getting married, and we figured it’d be only right if you came to our wedding!
    • Come celebrate with us on the happiest day of our lives by attending our wedding! Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that there will be plenty of booze.
    • What could be better than booze, cake, and the amusement of watching your best friend become sweaty before the wedding? Nothing can, to be sure. Come to our wedding and experience all of these benefits firsthand!
    • None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us! I simply want to ask you for one more thing: please grant me the honor of being present at our unending love celebration.
    • You were the one who brought us together. Now all you have to do is show up and endure the wedding ceremony!
    • You can drink a lot of alcohol and show off your best dance moves at our wedding… So, this would essentially be another party for you. However, we want to see you on our special day!
    • We’re looking forward to seeing you at our wedding… and, of course, receiving your gift. 😉
    • You’ve been invited to our wedding, and we’d like to express our gratitude by… Man, just be the hell there!
    • Our wedding bells are ringing, and you’ll be bringing a fantastic gift!

    Unique wedding invitation SMS

    • Love selected us, and I chose you to attend our wedding as a special guest. Please join me here on this momentous occasion!
    • We invited 30 very dear people to be here on our wedding day since this is the most important day of our life. You were the 31st person on the list.
    • So I asked her to marry me, and she accepted. To cut a long tale short, we now have to plan a wedding. What’s a wedding without a large number of guests?
    • Our new life is about to begin, and who better to cheer us up along the way than you? Of course, you, the extraordinary one! You are cordially invited to our nuptials!
    • Only having our best friends as a guest at our wedding can make our wonderful day even more special.
    • On the day of our wedding, there are two things that will make us really joyful. The first is our real wedding, and the second is your presence at our wedding.
    • Our dream is to spend the rest of our lives together, but we’ll need some special individuals to witness the start of our married life.
    • Do you recall your promise to give me a great wedding gift? Well, it’s still fresh in my mind!
    • We can’t imagine you being unable to attend our wedding, so mark the date in your calendar and plan to attend!
    • True love has brought us together, and the way to drink and wonderful cuisine will bring you to our wedding.
    • We’d like to invite you with honor… but who cares about the formalities? You must attend our wedding because you are a buddy of ours!
    • We’ve got some exciting news for you: we’re getting married soon! Even better news: you’ve been invited to our wedding! And here’s the bad news: if you don’t show up for our wedding, you’re going to pay the price.
    • Come to our wedding and, as always, dance the night away!
    • There are no excuses, my friend! On the day that we offer each other our heart and soul, you’ll be there. Otherwise…
    • We understand that our public displays of passion can be too much for you at times, but we’re asking you to attend our wedding one final time!
    • Come stay with us for the weekend. You’ll have something to eat, a lot to drink, and you’ll see a wedding on the sidelines. Now, who do you think it is?
    • Our love has been through a lot, but one thing has remained constant throughout it all: you. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our wedding!
    • Next month, we’ll take the first step toward our “happily ever after,” and we’d love for you to be there to see it!
    • We’re getting ready for the most important day of our lives, so we wanted to let everyone know how much they mean to us. You were at the top of our priority list!
    • Are you a fan of DJs, drinks, and buffets? Then come to our wedding, where we’ll have everything under one roof. We mean the vast starry sky when we say roof!
    • What could be better than the three Fs: family, friends, and fun at a wedding? If you don’t show up, you’ll be square!
    • We’re holding our wedding at a fancy venue, but it wouldn’t be nearly as nice if you weren’t here.
    • We only want those we truly care about to share our joy on our big day, which is why we’d want to invite you.

    Our lives will change forever on the day of our wedding… Is it appealing enough for you to come to our special event?

    We know you’re a sucker for cheesy love stories. As a result, we would be delighted if you could attend our wedding ceremony to witness another one!

    What is the best way to compose a wedding invitation message?

    You can copy these messages and make changes to them as needed, such as adding or removing text, inserting names, and so on. Don’t forget to include the wedding ceremony’s time and location. We are confident that you will choose one that best suits your friendship with your friends, and you will have the best party ever!

    These wedding invitation SMSes are all unique, but they’re all fantastic. Send your guests the nicest invitation possible so they can look forward to celebrating with you on your special day. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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