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Babcock University School Fees: Courses, Admission, Location, resumption date, admission portal, are phones allowed in babcock university

Babcock University School Fees Are schools open on January 3 2023

Babcock University School Fees: Courses, Admission, Location, resumption date, are phones allowed in babcock university, babcock dorm university of arizona can be accessed below:

Nigerians interested in attending a Christian university will find Babcock University to be an excellent option. The university honors David C. Babcock, an American missionary who served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria beginning in 1914. School prices for a semester or individual courses at Babcock University can be found on the university’s website.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria owns Babcock University, whose stated goal is to provide students with the skills and values necessary to make meaningful contributions to their communities. There are people from all across the country studying there, thus the environment is rich with cultural diversity. Over 7,000 students and over a thousand faculty and staff members call this place home. Dorms, a cafeteria, and a library round out the facilities.

Babcock University school fees 2022/2023

The Ogun State town of Ilishan-Remo is home to Babcock University. There are nine schools at the institution, and within those schools are a wide range of undergraduate concentrations. Among them are:

School of Education and Humanities

This academic institution offers the following courses:

  • History and International Studies- BA., MA.,
  • Languages and Literary Studies- BA., MA., PhD.
  • Religious Studies- BA., PGD
  • Education- BEd., BSc.Ed, BA Ed.
  • Music and Creative Arts- BA.

School of Law and Security Studies

This school offers only one programme.

  • Law-LLB., LLM.

School of Management Science

The programmes available under this school include:

  • Accounting -BSc., MSc., PhD.
  • Banking and Finance – BSc., MSc., PGD.
  • Business Administration and Marketing -BSc., PGD., MSc., MBA., PhD.
  • Information Resource Management- MIRM., PGD., PhD.

Veronica Adeleke School of Social Science

The programmes available under this school include:

  • Economics -BSc., MSc., PGD. PhD.
  • Mass Communication -BSc., PGD., MSc., PhD.
  • Political Science -B.Sc., MSc, PhD., MPM.
  • Public Administration/International Law and Diplomacy -BSc., MSc, PhD.
  • Social Work -BSc.

School of Science and Technology

The School of Science and Technology offers the following programmes.

  • Agriculture and Industrial Technology- BAgric., MSc. PhD.
  • Animal Science -MSc. PhD.
  • Agronomy -MSc., PhD.
  • Agric Economics -MSc., PhD.
  • Microbiology -BSc., PGD., MSC., PhD.
  • Basic Sciences: Chemistry, Physics/Electronics, Biology, Mathematics -BSc

College of Health and Medical Science (Benjamin S. Carson School of Medicine)

What follows is a list of the courses available at the Benjamin S. Carson School of Medicine.

  • Medicine -MBBS
  • Anatomy -BSc.
  • Physiology -BSc.
  • Biochemistry -BSc., MSc., PhD.
  • Nutrion and Dietecs -BSc.

School of Computing and Engineering Science

The available programmes under this school include:

  • Computer Science -BSc., PGD., MSc., PhD.
  • Software Engineering -BSc.
  • Information Technology -BSc.

School of Public and Allied Health

The School of Public and Allied Health offers two programmes. They are:

  • Public Health- BSc., PGD., MPH. PhD.
  • Medical Laboratory Science -BMLS.

School of Nursing Science

The School of Nursing Science offers only one program.

  • Department of Nursing Science -BNSc., MNSc.

How much is Babcock University school fees?

Tuition at Babcock University is not a flat rate for all majors. Learn more about the school’s tuition and the courses it offers.

General Babcock University courses and tuition fees

Please find a detailed breakdown of Babcock’s annual costs in the table below.

Program100 – 200 levelsTotal fees in Naira300 – 500 levelsTotal fees in Naira
Banking and Finance711,009546,930
Business Administration711,009546,930
Computer Information System739,449568,807
Computer Science739,449568,807
Computer Technology739,449568,807
English studies/ French/Music682,569525,053
Education programs375,413288,779
History and International Relations654,129503,176
Information Resource Management682,569525,053
Information Technology739,449568,807
International Law and Diplomacy682,569525,053
Medical Laboratory Science739,449568,807
Maths/Physics/Chemistry/ Biology654,129503,176
Mass Communication711,009546,930
Nursing Science739,449568,807
Nutrition and Diet654,129503,176
Political Science682,569525,053
Social Work682,569525,053
Public Health682,569525,053
Software Engineering739,449568,807

Students in the 400-500 level are reminded that they must submit a -N7,000 bank draft to the University bursary as part of the Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition programme.

Fees for law students

The total annual fee for each level is listed below for those interested in law..

Sector100 – 200 levelsTotal fees in Naira300 – 500 levelsTotal fees in Naira

Babcock University school fees for medicine and surgery

The annual tuition for studying medicine and surgery is detailed in the following table.

Sector100 – 200 levelsTotal fees in Naira300 – 600 levelsTotal fees in Naira
Instructional (Tuition)1,000,0001,000,000
Other Fees, including meals and accommodation2,884,0001,136,200
Miscellaneous charges116,000116,000

Postgraduate fees

There is a cost schedule and course breakdown for graduate study below.

ProgramDegree in viewTotal fees in Naira per semester
AccountingMSc and PhD375,000
Business Administration and MarketingMSc., MBA., Mphil., Mphil/PhD. PhD375,000
MBA Executive1,125,000
Economics, Banking and FinancePGD300,000
MSc, PhD375,000
Information Resource ManagementMIRM, Mphil., PhD.300,000
Mass CommunicationMA and PhD300,000
Political Science and Public AdministrationMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD300,000
MPM (Masters in Public Management)300,000
History and International StudiesMDS, MA, PhD and MEd300,000
Languages and Literary StudiesMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD300,000
Religious StudiesPGD, MSc300,000
MSc. PhD375,000
Computing and EngineeringMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD375,000
Chemical and Environmental ScienceMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD300,000
Bio-Sciences and Bio-TechnologyMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD300,000
Nursing SciencesMSc., PhD375,000
Public and Allied HealthMSc., MPH., Mphil/PhD., PhD375,000
Agriculture and Industrial TechnologyMSc., MPhil., Mphil/PhD., PhD300,000
LawMSc. PhD375,000

Note:There will be a N50,000 laboratory fee every semester for any classes that require access to a lab..

University conversion programmes

If you want to go into a field that your undergraduate education didn’t equip you for, you can enroll in a “conversion course,” which is an intensive postgraduate study. Below is a breakdown of how much money is expected from you each year or semester.

TypeFull-year1st-semester Total fees in Naira2nd-semester Total fees in Naira
ACA conversion500,000300,000200,000
Nursing conversion600,000425,000175,000

Babcock University contact

If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with the institution through the following:

  • Email: or
  • Phone number: +(234-8137388316)) or+(234-7032049418)

What is the school fees for nursing?

The School of Nursing Sciences offers only one programme. The tuition for a postgraduate course is N375,000 per semester.

How much do you pay for the meals at the university?

Meals have different prices. If you choose two meals per day, you must pay N315,000 per year, and if you choose three meals per day, you must pay N472,500 per year.

What is the school fees for engineering course?

For an engineering course, you must pay a tuition fee of N375,000 per semester.

What is the school fees for ph*rmacy?

Unfortunately, the institution does not offer a pha*macy course.

How much is Babcock hostel fee?

The hostel fees are classified as classic, premium, or regular. Depending on your level, you can pay the following amount annually.

Accommodation100 – 200 levelsTotal fees in Naira300 – 500 levelsTotal fees in Naira

Is Babcock form out for 2022?

Babcock University is still accepting applications for the incoming class of 2022/2023 and those interested in its graduate programs. Candidates who are interested in applying should do so by sending their resumes and cover letters to the institution.

What are the requirements to study Medicine at Babcock University?

For entrance, you’ll need to show that you’ve got at least five credits under your belt in the required disciplines including math, physics, chemistry, biology, and English.

If you compare the cost of attending Babcock University with the value of your education, you’ll find that it’s fair. There is a broad range of academic offerings available here.

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