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    2023 Election: All Igbo Leaders, Sincere Nigerians Should Be ‘Obidient’- Hon Amadi

    Honourable Paul Amadi a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Owerri Imo State, has called on all Igbo leaders and sincere Nigerians to show support for Peter Obi presidential ambition for fairness, equity and unity of the country.

    Wothappen reports that Chief Paul Amadi stated this on Wednesday in Owerri while addressing newsmen.

    Chief Amadi said party loyalty should be put aside to show support by all Nigerians for the Labour Party presidential candidate who has come out to bring all tribes together through his ambition.

    The PDP stakeholder in Imo State said the time has come for all Igbo politicians to show needed support and be at the front in the campaign for Peter Obi ambition.

    He argued that the support for the former governor of Anambra should not be seen as tribalism but a civic and patriotic act by all Nigerians for fairness and unity.

    According to Chief Amadi, “the dye is cast, and the need to strongly challenge Nigeria to live out the true meaning of its held belief that it is when peace and justice reign, is necessary and ripe. And that leaders who do not wish to stand up, should remain silent.”

    To Igbo leaders, he said, “All Igbo leaders, clerics or activists, must join this caravan of unity with one voice, and let it echo across this nation.

    It is not tribalism to ask for fairness. It is a civic and moral obligation to ask to be treated like equals. And we Igbo must not mince words to work as a unique group without arrogance or puffed up, to actualize our birthright. It is an African tradition to fight for equity. Many families and communities as we can see today, fighting over their fathers’, and forefathers’ inheritances and boundaries and cannot shun nor despise Igbo simply trying to claim a natural birthright as well”

    He however warned Igbo leaders, “If you have nothing good to say about Peter Obi’s candidacy, my siblings, with all due respect, kindly shut up.”

    While calling on the Yoruba to support Peter Obi, he argued that any support for Tinubu, APC presidential candidate would be hypocritical.

    he argued that since equity requires that power should come to the South, it was important for the South-East which has never produced the president of the country should be supported by the Yoruba, as the Igbo did in 1999 for Obasanjo.

    ‘’ Many Yoruba leaders are insisting that power must return to the South because it is an equitable and agreed rotational practice, but it hypocritical to support and urge one of their own, in the person of Tinubu. Their sense of equity is perverted. Yorubas have had their turn in Obasanjo, who Igbo greatly supported, and even added a Vice President. And one would think that they would collectively throw their support behind a South East candidate,” he said.


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