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Yul Edochie Slams Journalist Rufai Oseni: Labels Him ‘Disrespectful’ in Heated Online Exchange



Yul Edochie, a notable Nollywood actor, recently criticized journalist Rufai Oseni on social media.

Through a video shared on Instagram, Edochie reprimanded Oseni for his disrespectful conduct. 

Edochie accused Oseni of impoliteness towards TV guests and recommended that he pay due respect to President Tinubu. 

Yul Edochie Slams Journalist Rufai Oseni: Labels Him 'Disrespectful' in Heated Online Exchange

In a recent social media episode, Yul Edochie, a distinguished Nollywood actor, publicly lambasted Rufai Oseni, a well-known Nigerian journalist.

Journalist Rufai Oseni made headlines following his online confrontation with All Progressive Congress (APC) representative, Jesutega Onokpasa

After the public argument caught widespread attention, actor Yul Edochie responded to the situation via social media.

Nigerians react as Yul Edochie slams Rufai Oseni. Photos: @yuledochie, @rufaioseni
Source: Instagram

Yul Edochie calls Rufai Oseni disrespectful 

In the same post, Edochie urged Oseni to show respect towards the Nigerian President Tinubu. Edochie asserted that the president, being relatively new in his tenure, requires time and patience to bring about changes in the country. 

Edochie’s exact words were:

“My friend shut up and sit down! I’m talking to you! You have no right, you don’t have any moral justification to talk where people with integrity are talking! You’re talking nonsense on national TV, you’re a very disrespectful person, you have no respect for the laws of this country! In fact if someone like you becomes president, you will wipe out Nigerians. Are you not the same person that was caught driving on BRT lane? You could not even apologise, if not because somebody had a video, that was when you came on national TV to apologise. This is what you do, imagine the other ones that we’ve not seen before. Who taught you journalism? The first thing they should have taught you is to respect your guests.”

Speaking further, Yul Edochie said that Rufai is not better than every other Nigerian and he needs to go and learn to be a journalist.

“You’re not better than anybody out there. You’re a very disrespectful person and you should go and learn journalism, you are insulting people on national TV”, he said.

The Nollywood star claimed Rufai acts like a god on TV by making his guests uncomfortable and acting like he loves Nigeria the most and is the most concerned citizen in the country.

He said:

“Same Rufai Oseni that is insulting people, acting like God on national TV, making your guests very uncomfortable, you dey form like na you get Nigeria, you’re the most concerned citizen, you’re more concerned than all of us, my friend shut up! You have no moral justification to talk to anybody on TV that way because you’re not better than any Nigerian.”

Yul Edochie tells Rufai Oseni to respect President Tinubu

In the video, Yul reminded Rufai about the importance of respecting Nigeria’s president, Tinubu. Stating that Tinubu requires the journalists’ respect, he further noted that the president needs time to mend the nation, considering his short leadership duration. 

Yul expressed his views as follows:

“Jagaban, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the president of Nigeria, that’s the grand commander of the federal republic, GCFR, he’s the president whether you like it or not. He is our president and you must respect him. If you feel like being president, you have the next four years, go and buy form and contest and ofcourse President Tinubu will defeat you. The man just came in, he’s been there for just months, give him time. Rome was not built in a day, Rufai Oseni you’re not better than any other Nigerian out there, ordinary to apologise for driving on BRT lane you couldn’t do it… have respect for our president and the man deserves to be given time to work.”

See the full video below:

Nigerians react as Yul Edochie blasts Rufai Oseni

Yul Edochie’s heated video where he slammed the popular journalist soon spread across social media and it got some Nigerians talking.

Read some of their comments below:


“Just look at what you have become. If Rufai remembers you, you are Gone!!! You think say everyone na MAY.”


“You want Rufai to talk about you on Arise TV .. you think we don’t know.”


“Yul, you nor go still see any Appointments!!”


“You never see where them dey query a rod politicians? Mostly in US? You never see where journalists dey drill them? Una never ready for this country. Accountability and progress far from una.”


“See who’s talking of integrity? Lmao joke of the century.”


“Dem no go still give you shishi.”


“This bros dey try so hard make APC call am for appointment cos APC will always adopt anyone who supports their cluelessness.. I think this might be the video to get him the attention he’s seeking.. Asking a legit questions as journalist is now a disrespect.. If useless was a person.”


“If you like shout,appointment don finish.”


“Yul sha wants Tinubu to notice him by fire by force.”


“Well, he’s right sha. Journalists have codes of ethics to follow. Inasmuch as you have the duty to ask the tough questions, you must ensure to do so respectfully.”


“This one is hustling for appointment .”

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