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Yul Edochie Slams Celebrities and Nigerians Mourning Mohbad: ‘You’ve Bullied Me for Over a Year’



Yul Edochie Slams Celebrities and Nigerians Mourning Mohbad: 'You've Bullied Me for Over a Year'

Actor Yul Edochie has commented on the tragic death of singer Mohbad, who was bullied by Nair Marley and others. 

Edochie criticized his fellow Nigerians for mourning Mohbad’s death when they had been bullying him for over a year. 

Edochie also mentioned he has been bullied and insulted for his own personal decisions. 

Yul Edochie expressed displeasure at Nollywood celebrities publicly calling for justice for Mohbad. 

In a detailed post on his page, Edochie outlined that these people had also bullied him for choosing to marry a second wife.

Yul Edochie Slams Celebrities and Nigerians Mourning Mohbad: 'You've Bullied Me for Over a Year'

He said he’s been harassed for a private choice he made for more than a year. 

Yul questioned if the people demanding justice actually supported Mohbad during his lifetime, rather than exploiting his name for web traffic.

The actor indirectly criticized his aunt Rita Edochie for exploiting his relationship problems for publicity rather than helping him. 

He expressed disappointment at his colleagues for not supporting him amid bullying and abusive comments for over a year. 

His post was captioned as follows:

“Witches and Demons chasing clout.”

See Yul’s post below:

Netizens react to Yul Edochie’s post

While fans of the actor supported him, other netizen s dragged him for making another man’s death about him.

Read some comments gathered below:


“U right. ❤️❤️ preach on sir. We behind u.”


“Enjoy your personal decision, I hope it works for you. How market I had a lot of regard for you, look at your life now. The most high God will continue to protect May’s remaining kids. Continue enjoying your personal decision I repeat. Is your life live it. I rest my case.!!!”


“Exactly. Oversabi people. Forming care and accusing people.”


“Please this ain’t about you.”


“Abeg this a sensitive period, we know you no get sense just pretend to have nonsense, wanna play pity card ? Shey you Dey post loved up video with mrs obasi unbothered my foot.”


“Yul say dem dey bully am”


“Oga clout chasing! Justice for Mohbad is not about you ,don’t make it! No body cares about the personal decision you made, we only care about how stupid you went about it!You lost a whole child and all you could think of doing is jump back on social media to become a content creator, create rubbish with your newest achievement and make money!”


“You go explain explain no evidence “

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