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“You’re Here Men”: Mr Ibu Speaks in Funny Accent As Daughter and ‘Americana’ Hubby Surprise Him on Set 

Mr Ibu was overjoyed to see his newly wedded daughter Jasmine and her ‘Americana’ husband as they visited him on set.


The comic actor joined them for a photo by the car and the person behind the camera playfully urged him to greet his in-law.

Ibu left the scene and came back to greet Jasmine’s husband. He extended his hand for a shake and in a funny accent said ‘you’re here men’.


Holding his precious daughter, Ibu challenged her husband for keeping his golden egg, a stJzatement that made everyone laugh.


The actor went o to tell his daughter something in their language and she laughed hysterically. “We paid daddy a surprise visit while he was shooting at the location “.


Watch the video below:

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