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‘You Are Wicked’ Davido Lashes Out at Samklef for Leaking Video of His Twins



 Producer and songwriter, Samklef. This confrontation came following an unforeseen incident where Samklef allegedly leaked a video featuring Davido’s precious twins. The unexpected breach of privacy did not sit well with the “Fem” singer, who wasted no time expressing his utter displeasure and disappointment.

“You are wicked,” a visibly angry Davido had lamented, accusing Samklef of a heartless act unbecoming of a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

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As observers of the music industry, it’s crucial to understand the context and gravity of this incident. It not only lays bare the often-fragile relationships among industry insiders, but it also shines a spotlight on issues of privacy, respect, and boundaries within this industry. This altercation between two significant industry figures offers underscored insights into these matters. It also reiterates the importance of professionalism, even in the most personal aspects of public figures’ lives.

Below, we delve into the specifics of this incident and the subsequent public outcry. We provide an objective analysis of the whole debacle, allowing readers to form informed opinions on the matter. The industry’s response to this incident also sheds light on the values and standards upheld within its ranks. 

  • The Incident: A Review of the Event as it unfolded
  • The Public Spectacle: Social Media’s Surface Reaction
  • The Analysis: Understanding the Dynamics at Play
  • The Aftermath: Davido, Samklef, and the Music Industry Respond recently confirmed that music star David Adeleke Davido and his wife Chioma Rowland welcomed twins in the US, as videos of them leaving the hospital have gone viral.

However, shortly after the video went viral, Davido took to social media to fire at popular music producer Samuel Oguachuba, better known as Samklef, who seemed to be the brain behind the leaked video.

Davido, in the comment, stated that Samkleft was not supposed to share the video as he ordered him to delete it.

The music star, who referred to Samklef as a clout chaser, wrote:

“U know you ar not meant to post this.”

See the screenshot of Davido’s post below:

Netizens react as Davido drags Samklef captured some of the comments that trailed Davido’s post, see them below:


“He shouldn’t have allowed anyone make a video.”


“Why does david friends do things like this without is permissionsee me rejoicing thinking he posted it first.”


“Seriously you people don’t know how to respect people sha! Who told him it was his place to post the videos?”


“Did you people delete your own too.”


“It’s a thing of joy, may God protect them from evil eyes .”


“Why can’t people respect other people’s privacy.”

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