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“You Are Rich”: Fortunate Nigerian workers extract costly lithium from the ground in Edo and pack it in bags

A young Nigerian man posted a video demonstrating the lithium’s abundance in Edo state.

Some employees were seen excavating the shiny substance and packaging them in bags in the viral Twitter video.

Social media users discussed the video and expressed their opinions, with many wanting to learn more about the pricey mineral deposit.



"You Are Rich": Fortunate Nigerian workers extract costly lithium from the ground in Edo and pack it in bags

The existence of lithium in Nigeria’s Edo State was announced by a Nigerian guy going by the Twitter handle @HarunaBraimoh1.

In a tweet that was accompanied by a picture, Haruna Braimoh proudly presented a top-quality sample of lithium that was collected from the bush adjacent to Imeke hamlet, close to Auchi.

Nigerian man shares video of lithium found in Edo state

Adding to the excitement, @zaddyofbenin shared a captivating video revealing a substantial quantity of lithium, prompting speculation and curiosity among netizens.

He shared the video with the caption:

“Truly Edo is blessed with lots and lots of solid materials, can you guess which solid material this is?”

Reactions trail viral video of lithium packed in bags in Edo

The discovery of lithium in Edo State has ignited discussions about the region’s rich mineral resources and the potential economic opportunities it may bring.

As netizens eagerly await further information and analysis, the tweets have shed light on the untapped potential of the area, leaving many intrigued and hopeful for the future.

@enomaojo2 commented:

“Please Edo government shouldn’t allow the Chinese to be involved in this.

@sclinton439 said:

“China, America and the west Right now watching the video. They are about to shut down all roads leading to edo state.”

@xaxu049 reacted:

“What is it? Who’s buying it? Does it benefit the people of the host community? Are human resources being exploited in the process of the exploiting the solid mineral? I hope someone out there has an answer to my concerns.”

@ImEdaki commented:

“I can’t remember the name of the stone but it is used for producing cement.

@heshpee reacted:


@jackieee said:

“This is so much money when used rightly. You are rich. Nigerian is blessed.”

@haruna commented:

“Lithium!! I have some of it!!

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