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Woman Threatens to Have an Abortion if She Doesn’t Receive Sister’s Wedding Dress

Unbelievable Tactic: Woman’s Extreme Threat to Secure Sister’s Wedding Dress



Woman Threatens to Have an Abortion if She Doesn't Receive Sister's Wedding Dress

Sisterly Squabble Takes Dark Twist: Woman Threatens Abortion over Wedding Dress

In an extreme display of emotional blackmail, the woman in question has declared her decision to abort her child if she does not receive her sibling’s bridal gown,” said a close family friend who wished to remain anonymous.

This incident raises profound questions about family dynamics, mental health, and ethical values. It invites us to reflect upon the following significant points: 

  • The extent to which personal grievances can escalate, impacting not only the parties involved but also the larger community.
  • Whether such actions are reflective of underlying mental health issues that require immediate attention and support.
  • The moral and ethical implications of leveraging personal decisions to manipulate others.

The narrative provides a cogent example of the lengths to which people will go to satisfy their desires, setting a concerning precedent. This article delves into the details of this complicated matter, shedding light on the individuals involved and exploring the possible underlying factors that led to this unusual ultimatum.

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A Reddit story entitled ‘My entitled sister demanded to have my “fat” wedding dress’ has left readers seething.

Reddit is teeming with stories of users’ family dramas. However, very few of them would match the level of the ‘My entitled sister demanded to have my wedding dress’ story. This one sees the OP’s (original poster) pregnant sister threatening to abort her baby if she does not get the OP’s wedding dress.

‘My entitled sister demanded to have my “fat” wedding dress’ story explored

The story has surfaced on the r/Entitled People subreddit. The OP has a younger sister, Lucy, 23. The sister announced her pregnancy a couple of months ago. The family cheered, but Lucy said something utterly shocking when everyone settled down. “Lucy then stood up & made a toast to me. She said she was thankful for having a bigger in size & in heart sister like me to gift my wedding dress to her since she is getting married in November” the OP reveals.

Lucy’s comments humiliated the OP who burst into tears in front of everyone. The OP rushed to the bathroom and Lucy, as well as her step mom, followed her in there. Lucy accused the OP of ruining “the most exciting news of a lifetime” for her. The OP incredulously asked Lucy why she had assumed she would be getting the OP’s wedding dress. Lucy then reveals that she and her mom had decided that the OP’s wedding was not until March. They also said “Since I am fatter than them, I would not mind just loaning my dress,” the OP reveals.

Both the OP and her fiance are highly educated and the OP even designed her own wedding dress. Lucy and her mother allegedly hated this. Lucy threatens to not let the OP be her bridesmaid if she doesn’t give her the dress. The OP told her it was fine. Soon Lucy’s friends and family began harassing the OP to give up her dress. The harassment only stopped when Lucy’s fiancé threatened to leave her if she did not stop the drama. Things were quiet for a while after that, until the OP received another shocking threat.

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Lucy threatens to abort her baby

Lucy suddenly called the OP out of nowhere one night telling her that she was going to abort her baby girl since she couldn’t fit into the dress. The OP, who does not have any children of her own, went ballistic.

“I told her that if she was aborting her baby over a dress then she did not deserve to have any children & her baby girl could be a gift from God to another person who would actually love her & not place fabric over her” the OP reveals in the story.

The OP hung up on her sister and swiftly called Lucy’s fiancé, informing her what she was about to do. He was in utter shock and went to talk to her. They got into a huge fight and he has been staying in the OP’s guest room ever since.

Reddit users weigh in

“If you give in to this OUTRAGEOUS MANIPULATIVE DEMAND, then where will this ENTITLED B**CH STOP?!?”!” one fuming Reddit user wrote.

“OP does your sister really think that she will have any need for the dress if she were to have an abortion to fit into it…. Like does she actually think her fiancé would be interested in her after such disgusting behavior?” a second person pointed out.

“Nowhere. She will never stop. She literally blackmailed her sister by blaming an abortion on her. She is sick and should never, ever be a parent,” said a third person.

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