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Woman cries out for help after seeing strange Animal inside her car



Woman cries out for help after seeing strange Animal inside her car

A Nigerian woman identified as @asasignature on TikTok made a shocking discovery after opening the bonnet of her husband’s car.

According to the surprised woman, she unexpectedly found a cat lying flat on the car’s engine.

She, however, expressed her happiness that ‘Holy Ghost’ caught the cat and ‘Jesus’ also destroyed it.

In her words:

“Yes oh! Make una see an oh,Pusy cat! Ask me what it’s is doing here. The Holy Ghost caught it. Jesus has destroyed it. Look at it. The Holy Ghost has destroyed it.”

Reactions as lady shares video of cat she found in husband’s car

However, many netizens criticised her for being superstitious and suggested that the cat might be a stray that got stuck in the engine.

The video has since gone viral, garnering many views and comments from concerned netizens.

@christian carlos5 reacted:

“Na accident ooo chai thank God.”

@Charles hills reacted:

“Everything no be juju abeg.”

@munakosi reacted:

“He want to drive ur car.”

@user6010161848154 reacted:

“Thank God for his work.”

@muster Master said:

“Check very well in that car if there is a snake or rat in the car.”

@INSIGHT commented:


@Lincolnctiy reacted:

“Chai Africa.”

@bigbrother_mustafa said:

“Leave that cat alone.”

@Michael Amako said:

“People still dey get this kind mentality for this 2023.”

@Suleiman said:

“Everything no be juju madam African.”

@Highness_fado reacted:

“Madam Cat always like a hot place to be especially at car engines when they park the car newly.”

@watersideboy said:

“Make una leave the poor cat alone ah ah.”

@Big stan said:

“Cat wey possibly dey hunt rat. Africans and superstitions.”

@Saditty commented:

“Mumu people! Religion go kill una! So cat no fit find rat come? If the car neat the cat go enter? Na rat him find come.”

@user de kins world reacted:

“Stop nonsense remove the cat is normal.”

@CHI-BEST said:

“So you are sending all your followers to go and ask the cat what he’s doing abi.”

@Peter brown commented:

“Just a cat madam which one be jesus.”

@Mydon said:

“Check it that cat is still alive and take him/her to the hospital no come here the disturb my peace.”

@Oluwa sixtus reacted:

“What of if dis woman come enter abroad nko abeg cat no be witch.”

@Jazzzino reacted:

“Which one be Jesus. The cat entered the car engine now una change am say na juju.”

@Okon commented:

“Mumu Nigeria. Religion has blocked yorr brain from functioning.”

@Prince Mario360 said:

“Africans and believe, oyibo will see this and be crying that the PUssSY CAT, die and you are here believing in unrealistic tins.”

Watch the video below:

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