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With Love: Who does Lily end up with and does she marry Nick or Santiago in season 2 finale?



With Love

Who does Lily end up with in With Love season 2 and does she marry Nick or Santiago? Naija News gossip explains.

Curled up comfortably on the sofa with plenty of time to get in your feels with a good romantic comedy—it just feels so right.

Amazon Prime Video certainly has you covered when it comes to a selection of titles in the genre, but if you’ve exhausted them all then the recent return of the US TV show With Love has you covered for a perfect time.

Created by Gloria Calderón Kellett, it premiered in December 2021, just in time to introduce us to Lily and Jorge Diaz, two siblings determined to find romance during the holiday season. Both Emeraude Toubia and Mark Indelicato reprise the roles, respectively, with much more in store too.

On the subject of what to anticipate now that new episodes have emerged on Friday, June 2nd, 2023, let’s talk about spoilers: Who does Lily end up with in With Love season 2 and does she marry Nick or Santiago?


Who does Lily end up with in With Love season 2?

Lily ultimately decides to begin a romantic relationship with Nick (Desmond Chiam) and they remain together at the end of With Love Season 2. Although they don’t get married, they address that they’ll tie the knot down the line, foreshadowing season 3.

Offering a recap and ending explained for the character, Lily finds herself in a strange place—and in quite the predicament—this season, finding herself jaded after her last relationship. She navigates the single life with the hopes of embracing her independence. However, a string of issues proves quite the curveball, including a strained living situation and the failure to get a raise at work.

At Jorge’s bachelor party, she strikes up a romantic acquaintance with Nick, a close friend. Despite it initially appearing as just a friendship, she decides to give it a shot after he confesses his deep feelings for her. However, it’s evident that, in a different situation, she may not have asked him to begin a relationship.

Things aren’t exactly peachy either, with Lily’s run-ins with Santiago (Rome Flynn) causing a rift between the pair and igniting a jealous streak in Nick.

The love triangle of sorts is something this fuels the majority of season 2, and audiences are left contemplating whether Lily will choose either Nick or Santiago, with her brother also applying pressure on her to pull things into focus.

At the end of the episode, Santiago becomes more inclined to settle down with Lily, but it proves too little too late, and she decides that it’s worth prioritizing Nick and she proposes. It turns out that Santiago had the same idea, as we see Lily and Nick together on Jorge and Henry’s wedding day while he himself holds a wedding ring he had ready for Lil in his hand.

‘All my girlfriends and myself relate to Lily’

Emeraude was recently interviewed by ScreenRant and opened up about where Lily’s head is at with season 2:

“Lily is kind of starting from rock bottom in this season. She’s trying to navigate her life again and trying to find out what love means to her and what love is. I love it because all my girlfriends and myself relate to Lily. We’re a little messy, we’re trying to find love, our career, societal expectations, family expectations—so where do we find ourselves?”

She continued: “Where do we find our happy medium? I think so many women are struggling with that [question] of ‘What makes us happy?’ That’s the journey that Lily is going through, and I’m really excited for everyone to relate to that journey.”

How many episodes are in With Love season 2?

With Love season 2 offers audiences just six episodes in total.

Amazon nor the series’ creator have announced a season 2 renewal, although it’s clear that the conflict has already been established for more episodes, with audiences invested in whether things will fall apart between Lily and Nick, sending her back into Santiago’s arms.

With Love season 2 is now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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