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“Wife Material”: Man Stops Pretty Lady on the Road, Gives Her New Handbag, She Jumps & Kneels to Thank Him

A young Nigerian lady who got a new bag from a man she did not know showed great appreciation

After the man surprised her with a bag, she knelt in great happiness, surprised that she would get such

Many Nigerians who watched her video said the lady is wife material with her humble display of gratitude

A young Nigerian content creator (@michealmstar_) who loves putting smiles on people’s faces has surprised a lady on the street.

While the lady was walking into a shop to get something, he followed her. After calling the lady’s attention, he presented her with two pieces of paper with different options.

Wife Material Man Stops Pretty Lady on the Road Gives Her New Handbag She Jumps Kneels to Thank Him
The lady was very happy about her new handbag gift Photo source michealmstar<br>Source TikTok

Lady gets a new handbag

Surprised by the man’s action, the lady picked a paper that read “bag”. The man dipped his hand into his backpack and brought out a bag for her.

She was so joyful and amazed by the strange gift. She knelt for the man in appreciation and hugged him tight.

Watch the video below:

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 1500 comments with more than 72,000 likes.

WOTHAPPEN compiled some of the reactions below:


“Normally girls dey show respect if you never ask them out but if dem don turn your girlfriend na then you go know say na psychopath dem be.”

princetajudeenomo said:

“That girl must be Yoruba girl, respect too much.”

Adunola said:

“See wife material.”

pappyteen said:

“She must be Yoruba woman, she’s beautiful, she get back.”

adeyemobodetemida said:

“Dis girl get respect. make she dm I get something good for her.”

eniolagold46 said:

“She get home training.”

Ewatomi said:

“Awww. She even kneel down for you to know how happy she’s.”

Bernyn said:

“The smile and happiness she’s also respectful.”

Oyinbo lady makes taxi driver happy

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN earlier reported that a very kind white lady, @farielysian, made the day of a Nigerian taxi driver, Ahmed, after he was stopped by Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) officials, and his mood upturned.

In a video she made on her TikTok page, the officer could be seen arguing with the driver as he sat at the back of the taxi.

The driver kept asking the LASTMA agent what he had done wrong for him to stop his car. The shouting match continued as the white passenger looked baffled at what was going on.

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