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“Wicked School, They didn’t pay WAEC”: No A1, B2 or even F9, Instead of seeing his scores, a Nigerian student found something else

When a Nigerian student went to the West African Examinations Council website, he saw something else instead of his result, read below to see what happened



"Wicked School, They didn't pay WAEC": No A1, B2 or even F9, Instead of seeing his scores, a Nigerian student found something else

When some students visited the organization’s website, they were astonished to read “INDEBTED” next to their 2023 West African Examinations Council (WAEC) West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results.

Nigerians reacted angrily after two separate results with the word “INDEBTED” on them were circulated on social media.

WAEC withheld results from eight states

Candidates that saw “INDEBTED” are from states where WAEC delayed their results, according to research by

According to Patrick Areghan, the head of the national office, candidates from eight federation states had their WASSCE results delayed because of their debt to the council.

Areghan did not specify all the states owed during a press conference on Monday in Lagos, but he did mention that Zamfara and Niger had the highest debts. He expressed hope that some of the states would make their payments quickly.

His words:

“I need to restate that the results of candidates sponsored by states indebted to the Council will not be released now until they pay up. We appeal to them to do so to enable the affected schools/candidates to access their results.

Netizens react to the “indebted” WASSE result

Master Wino said:

“Which means ur school has problem with the waec board.”

Vivian Theodore said:

“What again do we need to hear in this country.”

TommyLee Jones said:

“Meanwhile those state Governors kids are schooling abroad.”

Adekunle Chukwuma Ciroma Ahmed said:

“Banana Republic where everything goes.

“Why punishing individual for crime of State,

“Nigeria, officially a failed country.”

Vonne Online Collections said:

“And none of the state governor’s children are schooling in their state..

“E…v…il people.”

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