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Why Was His Neck Bent? Unveiling the Truth Behind Mohbad’s Casket



Why Was His Neck Bent? Unveiling the Truth Behind Mohbad's Casket

The coffin maker responded to outcry regarding viral images showing an awkward neck position in a casket. 

He informed Nigerians the hasty burial meant there was no time for proper measurements. 

He urged people not to blame him for the position of the individual in the coffin.

Finally stepping into the fray of controversy, the Nigerian-based craftsman responsible for the construction of cherished artist Mohbad’s final resting vessel, has shared his side of the story. This refers to the man who fashioned the late singer’s casket. 

The creator of this exquisite burial piece, known by the unique moniker of @Heavenly Call Funerals, has responded to queries from curious digital denizens. He maintains a sturdy defense, asserting that the perceived irregularity in the singer’s neck’s position was not an outcome of his craftsmanship.

Mohbad’s Casket Photo Controversy Due to Rapid Burial 

Quick burial needs resulted in no time for custom fitting, said the coffin maker. 

He stated that Mohbad’s people urgently ordered the coffin, skipping the standard measurement process.

This urgency led to the casket’s standard size being used, resulting in the neck appearing bent to fit inside.

He said;

“No time for measurement. You don’t have to blame me for that cause they wanted it fast.”

Mixed reactions and internet backlash trail video of Mohbad’s coffin maker

The video and photos of Mohbad’s bent neck in the casket sparked outrage and condemnation from internet users.

Many expressed their anger and disappointment, criticising the coffin maker for the perceived mishandling of the burial arrangements.

However, some netizens sympathized with the coffin maker, understanding the constraints of time and the limitations of casket sizes.

@ayor_aad said:

“Why so fast? Mohbad was never dead. That boy is crying in the grave right now. The injection they gave him was to make him pass out for a few days to make him look like he’s really dead and that’s why they had to bend his neck in the coffin to avoid chances of him waking up. I keep feeling this way.”

@xpensive_fatima reacted:

“The father is to blame cos why will he bury your son in a rush way? This the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

@cherish_ebosereme_ said:

“Mohbad’s father was one of the weapon fashioned against him.”

@flames.originals said:

“Maybe they paid the father to keep quiet and act fast.”

@gylliananthonette commented;

“Wetin concern the maker for the, na the papa suppose answer many questions cos why tf were vou in a hurry.”

@nnenna_blinks_ said:

“What was the reason wanting to bury him fast when he is not even a Muslim? And also wanting a coffin made fast without even measuring his body if it would fit. You see how fishy this young man’s demise is? You see the question marks surrounding the ordeal. What was the reason?”

@bright_ r said:

“The question is: Why did they want the coffin fast? What happened to putting his body in the morque first?”

Watch the video below:

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