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Why Should You Use a Plagiarism Checker for Your Essay?

Plagiarism isn’t easy to avoid naturally because the idea you think is yours might have been someone else’s idea published on the internet before you. However, all colleges and institutions treat plagiarism as an offense by imposing penalties on it. Therefore, to be on the safer side as a student, it is important to use plagiarism checkers for your essay, thesis, research paper, and work article.  

Some plagiarism checker software are free to use. It is easy for students who want to take their academic work seriously and don’t want any errors in their essays. In this article, you will learn the importance and the advantage of plagiarism checkers for your essay. It won’t only make you look unique before your lecturers but also make you stand out among your peers.

Why You Should use a Plagiarism Checker for Your Essay

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In the world where information can be easily accessed from anywhere where there is internet connection, getting your essay content may look easy. Here below are the benefits of using plagiarism checkers online for your essay works: 

It will help you to avoid being penalized by your supervisor

The plagiarism checker gives you details of your essay and saves you from supervisor penality. Plagiarism checkers online will show the same material that has been compared, and you will be able to dig out any area you have made mistakes. Penalties and consequences of plagiarism vary in different institutions and the common penalties include lower grade, academic suspension, expulsion and the automatic failing of the course. 

A plagiarism checker helps to highlight every phrase or line of your words that have already been written on the internet. With this tool, you cannot miss plagiarism content in your essay. It reveals the details of all your sources from the content, and by clicking the link given to you by the plagiarism checker, it will take you to the sources site.

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Provides you with specific data on plagiarism

Using a good plagiarism checker, you can scan  the contents of your essay and take note of the percentage of plagiarism and uniqueness. Most colleges used to have an agreed standard of percentage every student must stick to. Therefore, as a student checking your essay with a plagiarism checker will give you an idea of what your college lecturer will get when scanning your essay.

Sometimes, if there is a huge amount of uniqueness in your content, there may be no need for further investigation for your lecturer. But in cases where there is a high percentage of plagiarism, it will lead to an investigation of your sources. So checking your content yourself will help prevent unwanted encounters with your lecturer and eliminate issues of suspected plagiarism. So instead of being perceived as dishonest, you should check for yourself to be confident of your work before submitting it.

It helps to reveal plagiarism instead of paraphrasing your essay

College students have difficulties paraphrasing other people’s work. A plagiarism checker english software will help you to check your work if you paraphrase correctly. Plagiarism checker online will help to highlight the materials from your work related to the author’s text, is the best plagiarism checker that helps you to determine any plagiarized sentence, even if your essay is full of thousand lines. 

Paraphrasing isn’t just the issue, but the time you will spend paraphrasing is the real issue. It is time-consuming, but with a plagiarism check online, you can easily remove rephrased phrases by relating them to online repositories.

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It shows your honesty 

Using plagiarism checkers online will help show your honesty. If you intend to commit plagiarism, you won’t have to use a plagiarism checker in the first place. In this case, you can print a copy of your plagiarism checker to provide it as evidence that you have taken precautions so that your essay can stand out and your lecturer will understand that fact. Doing this shows that you are honest by submitting a plagiarism report using a plagiarism checker tool.

Using a plagiarism checker will make your lecturer willing and open to collaborating with you to solve any problem in your study. Therefore, it is critical to use a plagiarism checker that you can disclose. This will make you appear honest and make your lecturer understand that dishonesty in your work wasn’t intentional.


Over the years, plagiarism has become a serious issue with many students, and candidates have been charged for detecting plagiarism. As a student, you know the importance of writing good essays and theses in your grades, and it will determine success in your career as a student. These pressures lead many students to choose the easy way of copying other people’s work. However, it is necessary for you to always use a plagiarism checker online because once your reputation is gone, it will be difficult to get it back.

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