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Why NewJeans director Min Hee-jin is being criticised for her Instagram posts



K-pop fans are calling out art director Min Hee-jin, who’s behind the new girl group NewJeans, for some of her posts on Instagram.

The 42-year-old art director and graphic designer was the Chief Brand Officer of Hybe Corporation. She is now the creative director behind the latest hit K-pop group, NewJeans.

Some of Min’s Instagram posts from a while ago began going viral on the internet after fans thought that they were inappropriate. Here’s everything we know…

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Why fans are calling out Min Hee-jin’s Instagram posts

K-pop fans are calling out some of Min’s Instagram posts after seeing that she has uploaded multiple pictures of minors.

Min’s love for art and aesthetic can be clearly seen on her Instagram. She often posts several seemingly random pictures. However, the art director has also posted aesthetic-looking pictures of children.

One of her posts from February 2022, shows a minor posing in a skimpy outfit. She has also uploaded a picture of a toddler. Back at the end of 2021, Min also posted a photo of a magazine cut-out of a young Brooke Shields.

Most of these pictures do not have a caption.

Min’s pictures have attracted a lot of criticism over the past few days, with many saying that it’s inappropriate that the art director has uploaded so many pictures of minors.

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Fans criticise the NewJeans director

Many K-pop fans have criticised Min Hee-jin’s posts on Instagram.

Commenting on one of Min’s posts, an Instagram user wrote: “That is a CHILD ma’am and is barely covered.”

“This is so weird,” another user quipped.

“WHY ARE YOU POSTING MINORS,” another worked-up user asked.

“Yeah, no, she needs to stop,” said another.

Wothappen has reached out to Min Hee-jin for comments on all the criticism. But, at the time of the publishment of this article, we are yet to receive a response.

A look at Min Hee-jin’s career

Min started her career as a graphic designer at S.M. Entertainment in 2002.

Korea Herald reveals that Min led many experimental concepts for highly popular K-pop groups like SNSD, EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet.

She reportedly designed the overall concept for many of their albums, outfits, album covers and posters. Min was also involved in the photo shoots.

Then, she went on to become the creative director, before joining SM’s board of directors in 2017.

Min then joined Hybe in 2019 as the firm’s chief brand officer.

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