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Why Is He Being Petty”: Davido Trends Online As He Unfollows His Cousin Sina Rambo, Fans React

A major family feud between famous Nigerian singer, Davido and his cousin Sina Rambo seems to be currently simmering

According to reports, Afrobeat artist Davido has unfollowed his cousin Sina Rambo after he leaked their chat to his mother-in-law

In the leaked chat, Davido had threatened to deal with Sina Rambo’s wife, Heidi Korth for verbally attacking his wife, Chioma

Social media has been on fire all day, as the report of a fight breaking out between famous Nigerian singer Davido and his popular cousin, Sina Rambo, makes headlines.

In the viral report, Davido is alleged to have unfollowed Sina Rambo on all his social media platforms for leaking their chat together to his mother-in-law.

Why Is He Being Petty Davido Trends Online As He Unfollows His Cousin Sina Rambo Fans React
Famous Nigerian singer Davido recently trended online as reports about him unfollowing his cousin Sina Rambo trends online Photo credit davidosinarambo<br>Source Instagram

The singer in his chat with Sina Rambo had expressed his dissatisfaction at his wife Chioma being dragged into a domestic issue between his cousin and his wife, Heidi Korth.

However, it seems things have now got to an irreconcilable junction, and Davido has made the first public move to dissociate himself from Sina Rambo and his domestic problems with his wife and mother-in-law.

WOTHAPPEN recalls reporting previously when Sina Rambo’s mother-in-law called out Davido, noting that if anything happens to her daughter Heidi, the singer should be held responsible.

See the report that confirmed that Davido had unfollowed Sina Rambo:

See how netizens have reacted to the report that Davido had unfollowed Sina Rambo:


“David should stop being petty. They said nothing against chef chi.”


“Davido really blocking negative energy.”


“David is too petty”


“I hope y’all know the difference btw leak and warning, he probably used the chat to warn her and her daughter to stop mentioning Chioma as david isn’t happy with it..”


“If anybody pressure you this year…. Block am, delete am , make una no pressure davido ooh.”


“Davido is really surrounded by snitches and frienemies.”


“DAVIDO was wrong to threaten that girls life.”


“Everybody protect your own family… If you like unfollow the world..”

Heidi, wife to Davido’s cousin, Sina Rambo formally announces

Meanwhile, recalls reporting when Heidi Korth, the estranged German-Nigerian partner of the Nigerian socialite Sina Rambo, who is also the cousin of Davido announced officially that she’s working on her divorce and should no longer be referred to as an Adeleke.

The young lady took to the internet some weeks ago to call out her hubby Sina Rambo, accusing him of maltreatment, domestic violence, assault and financial incapacity to take care of his responsibility.

Heidi made the announcement about her divorce during an online exchange with a troll who compared her to Davido’s wife, Chioma.

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