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Why has 2021 gone by so fast? 5 possible explanations

Why has 2021 gone by so fast 5 possible explanations

As the year 2021 draws to a close, one thing is on everyone’s mind. I can’t believe how quickly the year has passed.

Immediately following Joe Biden’s inauguration in January, there were the horrendous Capitol riots.

Covid-19 spread quickly as people began to get immunized, but as summer arrived, life resumed some semblance of normalcy.

Soon after that, it was winter once more, the Christmas season was approaching, and the number of Covid cases was once again on the rise.

In December of 2021, we’re left wondering how the year flew by so quickly.

No one knows for sure why the year 2021 seemed to arrive so quickly, but here are some theories that might help shed some light on the mystery.

1. It’s the shortest year

Let’s start with some science. 2021 actually is the shortest year there has ever been!

As reported by the BBC, the Earth is literally moving faster than it ever has in the last 50 years as it is spinning quicker on its axis.

This means that every day is a tiny bit shorter, but you won’t actually notice the difference.

The year was only shorter by a matter of milliseconds, so this isn’t actually a real reason why the year felt quicker, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Why has 2021 gone by so fast 5 possible explanations

2. The Covid-19 pandemic

Now onto a real reason why the year felt so quick, the dreaded Covid-19.

2021 was the second year dominated by the awful virus and many countries around the world have continued to impose restrictions as they rolled out the vaccine.

Covid has been on everyone’s mind and dominated everyday life. Quite frankly, it’s made life a bit of a misery for everyone, leaving many wishing their lives away and waiting for better times.

Hence, the mundaneness of life in a pandemic has possibly made the time go quicker as people long for life post-Covid.

Why has 2021 gone by so fast 5 possible explanations

3. You’ve been busy

The year might have gone quick for one simple reason, you’ve been busy.

You know the famous phrase “time flies when you’re having fun,” well, it’s true!

When you’re busy doing things, whether it’s moving house, spending time with friends, working or doing a hobby, time goes quicker.

So, if you’ve had a pretty hectic year, you could put the speed down to that.

Why has 2021 gone by so fast 5 possible explanations

4. Social media

Now onto a bit of a sad one. Social media.

It’s hard to admit and accept, but the years are getting quicker and quicker because we’re spending more time looking down at our phones and endlessly scrolling through the internet.

Think about it, one minute you’re scrolling through TikTok and you suddenly realise two hours have passed. Time goes crazily quick when you’re online, doesn’t it?

The internet has inevitably increased the speed of time as people are no longer present in the moment, and that’s the sad reality.

Why has 2021 gone by so fast 5 possible explanations

5. You’re getting older

Realistically, you probbaly felt like 2021 flew by because you’re getting older.

When you’re a child, the days feel long, the years feel long and life feels like it will go on forever.

Then as you get older, reality sets in and you start to realise how short and precious life really is.

As life goes on, you get older and death inevitably becomes closer, making life feel like it’s speeding up.

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