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Why Buhari is Living in Regret: Former President’s Minister Speaks Up



Why Buhari is Living in Regret: Former President's Minister Speaks Up

Buhari, is living in regret. Is this a political maneuver or a genuine expression of concern? In an explosive revelation, the former minister disclosed reasons behind this purported regret.

The former minister further expounded on this, stating the decisions taken during Buhari’s tenure have led the country into a state of economic turmoil, social unrest, and a heightened state of insecurity. The minister provided an articulate litany of grievances that have reportedly created an atmosphere of regret for the current president. 

The claims made by the former minister certainly raises questions about Buhari’s leadership and the status of Nigeria under his administration. Regardless, it adds a new dynamic to the complex puzzle of Nigerian politics. 

Buhari government failed to fulfil promises, says Dalung

Dalung, who served under Buhari’s government, also alleged that the immediate past administration failed to fulfil the promises made to Nigeria during the 2015 campaign.

He said he has a responsibility to speak the truth as a founding member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dalung’s words:

“We failed to meet our expectations, and I am not hypocritical because as a major stakeholder who campaigned vigorously in 2015 and went to the nooks and crannies of the north, of all the promises we made, we fulfilled none of them.”

He said the Buhari government promised to address the security situation, revamp the economy, and fight corruption.

“Looking back, reflecting and evaluating the situation as it is today, we failed woefully,” he said.

Buhari is a very honest leader, Dalung says

Despite his negative assessment of the Buhari government, Dalung described the former president as a very honest leader.

He said it was the people around Buhari who got his name dragged in the mud.

“They have dragged his name and integrity not only into the mud and they’ve reduced his image,” Dalung said.

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