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Who is Simon’s Ex-Girlfriend Polina? Where is She Now?



As the title proposes, Netflix’s ‘The Tinder Swindler’ follows the stunning story of Shimon Hayut, a.k.a Simon Leviev, who conned a few ladies out of thousands of dollars in the wake of meeting them on the nominal dating application. For this, the expert fraudster really acted like the non-existent child of a genuine jewel big shot and made a many-sided snare of falsehoods – just to keep up with his lavish way of life as far as might be feasible. So presently, assuming that you’re interested to find out about Polina, one of his sweethearts referenced in the narrative film, we have the subtleties for you.

Who is Polina? From everything we can say, Simon Leviev met Russian model Polina without precedent for 2018, following which he started charming her with rich gifts and extreme excursions. However, his apparently veritable appeal and caring character reasonable pulled her in, particularly thinking about how she was allegedly willfully ignorant that it was every one of the a piece of his daily schedule in those days. That is the reason she burned through the majority of her mid year traversing Europe with him; regardless of whether it be to Mykonos and Rome with his dear companions or to France, Vienna, and Switzerland with only each other.

Around then, as the Netflix unique suggests, Polina didn’t understand that the cash Simon was spending on their late spring visit was not his own – it came from his different sweethearts, who had been taking out advances imagining that he was in harm’s way. All her “extremely rich person” beau purportedly needed to do was persuade the youthful model that he was incredibly wealthy so he could trick her and proceed with this interaction later on also. In any case, we should specify that, according to Pernilla Sjöholm, who traveled with them, “[Simon] appeared to be extremely stricken over her. They appeared to be a decent match.”

Where could Polina Now be? Polina said a final farewell to Simon Leviev nearly when she discovered that he was undermining her, and since nothing more has been shared with regards to her in the narrative, we assume that she didn’t lose truckload of cash over him herself. Coming to where she is today, it’s conceivable that Polina is back in her country of Russia and continuing on with her own personal business overall quite well by basically zeroing in on her vocation as an expert model. The one thing we can unquestionably say is that she’s not back with Simon. All things considered, she was the one to head out in different directions from him, and he has another sweetheart himself.

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