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Who Is Model Shirley Cherres? Legal Battle Against Ex-Partner Jose Manuel Pando Garcia

Shirley Cherres is a model who hails from Peru. She is regarded and well-known for her role in Una chica Buena de la mala Vida.
Shirley Cherres, a model, was successful in having the complaint that she had filed against her ex-partner for the crime of violence against women or members of the family group that she had filed at the Seventh Unipersonal Criminal Court of Immediate Process of the Superior Court of Justice in Lima, Peru, overturned and dismissed after a court battle that lasted for two years. The battle took place at the Seventh Unipersonal Criminal Court of Immediate Process of the Superior Court of Justice in Lima, Peru.
Shirley Cherres’ Legal Battle Against Ex-Partner Jose Manuel Pando Garcia
It is important to note that the entrepreneur has also claimed that José Manuel Pando Garc abused her in both a physical and mental capacity.
The allegations made by Cherres were brought to light. Because the person who committed the offense was willing to enter a guilty plea, the magistrate, Susan Katherine Coronado, reduced the sentence to one-third of the initial amount, which is equivalent to one year and five months of incarceration.
Because of this unfortunate turn of events, 73 days of providing services to the general public at a location that will be approved by the Free Environment of the National Penitentiary Institute will be wasted.
In the same vein, Pando Garcia has been ordered to pay a civil settlement of five thousand soles to Shirley Cherres and her family, and he is prohibited from having any kind of interaction or communication with the Cherres family in any way, shape, or form.
After the verdict was announced, Shirley appeared to be unhappy with the decision. The model admitted in a statement that she was planning on receiving a more severe form of discipline than she had been anticipating. On the other hand, she is relieved that the situation has been resolved and that she can get on with the rest of her life.
Shirley Cherres’ Career
Shirley Cherres is currently in a new phase of her professional life because she recently invested her savings by creating an account on the OnlyFans website.
Shirley was able to put those savings to use in order to fund her new career in public management. By completing this phrase, she breaks a vicious cycle that has dogged her for many years. This cycle has caused her a lot of trouble. She claimed that everything she had to go through in her life had only served to make her stronger in the long run. She didn’t let the days during the pandemic go to waste and instead enrolled in a public management class for herself.
During the outbreak of the Covid virus, she also kept herself occupied by educating herself on various aesthetic treatments. According to Shirley, the fact that she continues to immerse herself in these studies has not only assisted her in overcoming her depression but has also helped her to remain stress-free. Shirley’s episodes of panic decreased as a direct result of her efforts in her studies.
Shirley also expressed her belief that justice had been done in her statement, and she expressed her hope that women would no longer be afraid to try to denounce the men who had assaulted them. She expressed her gratitude in particular to the Ministry for Women, the Prosecutor’s Office, and the National police, all of which had collaborated to ensure that her abuser received the appropriate sanction for their actions. They are the reason why Shirley and her family are finally able to live their lives in peace.
After some time had passed, Shirley revealed that she intended to resume her performance career. She stated that she desired to sing and dance, in addition to cultivating a stronger connection with the audience. Additionally, she had recorded songs that were arranged in a manner that was a reproduction of the salsa-timba style.
Mienteme, Bala Fame, and Envolver were all songs that Shirley had written and produced.
Shirley Cherres Also Tested Positive for Covid
Shirley also tested positive for Covid in January of this year, when the screening was performed.
Shirley disclosed that Covid was being very cruel to her and that she also needs to be on oxygen because she is unable to breathe at night. She also stated that she needs to be on oxygen because she needs to be on oxygen. Due to the fact that Shirley suffers from asthma, the testing for Covid was especially challenging for her. Because of this, she needs an oxygen supplement to help her breathe normally again.
Cherres ensured that she was under the care of a physician and a nurse at all times while she was ill. Despite the fact that she was very anxious about the situation as a whole, Cherres never felt in danger.
Despite having received both doses of the vaccine, Shirley continued to exhibit particularly severe symptoms of the illness. She had become infected with the new strain, which was rumored to be exceptionally mild and virtually risk-free. Shirley, however, fell victim to the variant despite the fact that she took excellent care of herself and continued to do so after she became ill.
During that time, Shirley counseled all of her followers to take additional safety measures and to avoid relaxing as much as possible.

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