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Who is Johnny Carson’s wife Alexis Maas? Her age, biography, net worth

Who is Johnny Carson’s wife Alexis Maas? Her age, biography, and net worth.

Who is Johnny Carson’s wife Alexis Maas? Her age, biography, and net worth.

Alexis Maas is well-known as Johnny Carson’s celebrity wife. Carson is a well-known and famous American television personality. Carson’s fourth wife is Alexis.

Alexis Maas  Biography & Profile Summary

Name Alexis Maas 
Date of Birth 15 July 1952
Age71 years
Nationality American 
Height 5’10”
Ethnicity Caucasian 
Hair Color Blonde
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Zodiac sign Cancer 
Net worth $300 million 
Occupation Socialite, Stockbroker
Spouse John William Carson 

How Old Is Alexis Maas?

Alexis was born on 15th January 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is currently 71 years old.

How Did Alexis Mass’s Husband Die?

The late Johnny Carson was reportedly a heavy smoker and had a heart attack on March 19, 1999. He had quadruple-bypass surgery. In 2005, he passed away at the age of 79 years. His cause of death as revealed by a family member, was emphysema’s effects. Emphysema is a health complication, where the lungs’ air sacs are enlarged and damaged, resulting in a lack of breath.

Alexis Maas Career

Maas was reportedly a former stock brokerage employee, which was her primary source of income before meeting her husband. Regrettably, she is also a very private person when it comes to her career and what she has done.

According to authoritative sources, Maas’ net worth was $300 million as of 2023. She was able to amass such wealth after becoming the heiress to her late husband, Johnny Carson. She didn’t keep everything to herself, instead donating nearly half of the money, estimated to be around $156 million, to her husband’s foundation, the Johnny Carson Foundation.

Alexis Maas Relationship And Affairs

In her personal life, Maas was married to well-known television host Johnny Carson until his death from emphysema in 2005.

They met in the 1980s and dated for a few years. Despite the negative reaction to their relationship due to their large age difference—Maas is 35 and Carson is 61—their relationship grew stronger, leading to marriage.

Maas and Carson married on June 20, 1987, in Malibu, California, in front of Superior Court Judge William P. and a few of their friends and family. Their honeymoon, on the other hand, made headlines when it was revealed that they spent more than $6.5 million dollars during their vacation in the Mediterranean.

Maas and Carson had no children together, but they had an 18-year marriage that appeared to be wonderful. She has not remarried since her husband’s death and appears to be content with her life as a single woman.

The Expensive Lifestyle Of Alexis Maas And Johnny Carson

Maas and Carson lived a lavish and luxurious lifestyle while married. The two owned several opulent homes, including a 16-bedroom mansion on four acres on the oceanfront in Malibu and a 14,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

Maas, who was previously unknown, was also featured in a number of publications as a result of her well-known husband. They were photographed hundreds of times while traveling the world and attending various high-profile events together. They were spotted at the premiere of “Les Miserables,” cruising on their yacht, dining at Spago in West Hollywood, attending the American Cinemateque Awards, and taking part in the Television Academy Hall of Fame special.

Following Carson’s death, it was assumed that Maas sold the majority of their properties. After inheriting millions as a result of her husband’s death, she donated half of it to his foundation.

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