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Who Is Job McCully From Extreme Home Makeover? What Happened To Him?



The McCully family, who were going through a difficult time as a result of Job McCully’s health problem, had their home renovated by Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The McCully family had the youngest child in the family at the time. His grandmother claimed that she had checked the clock to determine the exact time of his passing.

Who Is Job McCully From Extreme Home Makeover? What Happened To Him?

During the time that the Makeover crew spent discovering the McCully family and renovating their home, the young McCullys had been through a lot. After being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four, he began receiving treatment from medical professionals. After initially being cured from it, later on additional health problems began to appear.

He had already experienced two cardiac arrests prior to this point. When they thought he had passed away, his mother explained that his heart had stopped beating for eight minutes. However, inexplicably, he managed to pull through. Because of this, everyone looks up to me as a role model and a fighter.

Job McCully Family Extreme Home Makeover Update 2022.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition aired the episode featuring the Job McCully family on Season 6, Episode 5 of the show.

The audience for the show is interested in receiving an update on the family. When the producers of the reality TV show finally tracked down the young boy, however, he had already been through a great deal by that point.

According to what was revealed in the interview, he expressed a desire to have a home in which he could run and jump around freely. The McCully family desired the same thing, but due to their precarious financial situation, they were forced to solicit assistance from their friends and neighbors in the area.

They were forced to give up their home and move into the neighborhood next door because the first one presented them with so many challenges, which ultimately had an impact on Job’s health.

In addition, Job’s mother, Tina, who frequently updated her social media accounts with information regarding her son’s well-being, has not published anything new since the 23rd of January, 2022, the date of her most recent post.

What Happened To Job McCully From Extreme Home Makeover?

It was said that the young man was a perfectly healthy newborn. However, at the age of four, he was given a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. According to the findings of the report, he had a chance of survival of less than 10% if he did not receive a bone marrow transplant.

Radiation and chemotherapy were administered to him after his treatment, and these procedures had a direct impact on the growth of his body. However, he was able to conquer leukemia, and his family believed that everything was going wonderfully.

But things did not get better for the young boy, and he was eventually diagnosed with fungal pneumonia. Because of this, he needed to be placed on a ventilator so that he would have an easier time breathing. His mother stated during an interview with the Extreme Makeover crew that her son’s heart stopped beating for a total of eight minutes.

Later on, he underwent the process of receiving a double lung transplant, which helped to improve his condition. However, at a later date, he received a second diabetes diagnosis. At long last, his mother disclosed that her son would undergo a checkup in January of 2022 before returning home. But as of yet, she has not provided any new information.

On the other hand, a Facebook account using his name can still be found. In addition, the user recently shared a post on July 17 in which he mentioned attending a religious service at a local church. As a result, those who care about him keep him in mind whenever they say a prayer.

Who Is Job McCully? Wikipedia Bio.

The popular home improvement television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” was responsible for the renovations that were made to Job McCully’s property.

His mother’s name was Tina, and his father’s was Rob. He was born in the year 1998 in the land of Uz, where he lived with his family. In addition, he had a sister named Nicole for a sibling.

According to his parents, he was a very active and healthy child from birth. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age but was able to recover from it. The diagnosis of pneumonia and then diabetes led to a decline in his health, which continued even after treatment began.

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