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    Who Is Influencer Riley Black On TikTok And Why Is She Cancelled? Racist And Alcohol Poisoning Video

    Riley Black is a TikTok star and the latest buzz is that she has been canceled from TikTok and is racist. Is it true?

    Riley Black is a content creator and social media personality. She is an up-and-coming internet sensation and is known for her lip-sync and comedy videos.

    Recently, rumors surfaced that the TikTok personality has been canceled and is racist. Here, we’ve addressed all the rumors surrounding Riley.


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    Is Influencer Riley Black Racist? Who Is She?

    No, Riley Black is not racist. She is a social media influencer and is known for her chirpy and entertaining TikTok videos.

    Riley, aged 18, was born on January 13 in the year 2003. Her birth sign is Capricorn. The TikTok personality has over 1.2 million followers and 48.8 million likes.

    She mostly creates camera-facing videos, outfit videos, anime, and gaming-related content. She also shares a sneak-peak of her Hello Kitty-inspired bedroom decor.

    Riley’s TikTok bio says she is fond of hello kitty and pink. Her fondness for the color pink is evident from her outfit choices, which are nearly always pink.

    Riley Black TikTok Cancelled- Controversy Explained

    As of now, Riley Black’s TikTok is not canceled although rumors started circulating about the star being canceled on social media on August 22, 2021.

    Her account is active and we could not find any controversial video that may have resulted in the TikTok star’s account getting canceled.

    She shared her last TikTok video a day ago on August 21, where she gave her college room tour to her fans. It should be no surprise that her college room is pink and filled with hello kitty stuff.

    Furthermore, TikTok stars being canceled on the video-sharing platform is not a new thing. Rapper Doja Cat was canceled twice last year; once for beef with Nicki Minaj fans and the other time for an alleged racist comment on a video chat site, HITC reported.


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    Riley Black Alcohol Poisoning TikTok Video

    Riley Black has used the TikTok platform to talk about many issues including alcohol poisoning, eating disorders, bullying, and more.

    In one video, she talked about an account that supported and encouraged eating disorders. She requested her fans to report the account and be aware of toxic social media accounts.

    She talked about bullying in another video, showing her transformation from middle school to high school.

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