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Who Is Anastasiya Ukolova? Meet The Actress On Instagram

Anastasiya Ukolova is a promising actress in the Russian film industry. Molodezhka and Sasha Tanya were among the projects that helped the girl gain recognition. At this time, the charming actress is still acting and delighting her fans with fresh photographs.

Anastasiya Vladimirovna Ukolova, born 22 May 1994 in Pjatigorsk, is a Russian actress who has worked in theater and movies. Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School is where Ukolova received her education.

After completing her professional acting training, she joined the Czech Art Theatre in Moscow. During the production of Ded Moroz in 2016, she met Russian cameraman Anton Zenkovich.

From 2017 through 2019, the couple was married. The actress made her acting debut in the mid-2010s and has since been in several Russian TV programs and lesser and larger roles in feature films such as Guests – The Gate to Hell, which she starred in 2019.

Actress Anastasiya Ukolova Age Revealed

Anastasiya Ukolova is a 27-year-old actress. She is a lovely and youthful-looking actress, despite her age. 

She was a regular performer on stage and enjoyed dancing. She also began to organize celebratory gatherings and took jazz singers classes during her education. 

Olga and Yuri Solomins, her teachers, were responsible for her schooling. After graduating from a theater school, the girl acquired a position at the Moscow Art Drama named after Gorky.

Discover Anastasiya Ukolova Ethnicity

Anastasiya Ukolova was born in the Russian city of Pyatigorsk. She, on the other hand, has remained silent regarding her ethnicity. 

People may have assumed her race based on her appearance and where she hails from, but she has yet to divulge her true origin. 

She is a daring and attractive actress who has earned a name for herself in the industry thanks to her glamor and acting abilities, which have brought her to the general public’s attention.

Anastasiya Ukolova Husband: Who Is He?

Anastasiya Ukolova is married, and her husband is Anton Zenkovich. The actress met director Anton Zenkovich while working on the film “Santa Claus. Battle of the Mages.”

She is in a happy relationship. Anton, she claims, always encourages and motivates her. He is also not envious because he is aware of the nuances of film and performance.

The pair is now occupied with their work, and they have stated that they do not intend to have a kid any time soon.

Meet Anastasiya Ukolova On Instagram

Anastasiya Ukolova is a stunning actress with a sizable fan base on social media. Anyone can declare she is popular based on the number of followers on Instagram. 

She goes by the username @anastasiyaa_ukolova on Instagram. She has about half a million followers on Instagram and over a thousand posts. 

Her Instagram is brimming with her stunning photographs, which capture a variety of occasions, from her personal life to film shoots.

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