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Where Is Jenna Wolfe Going After Leaving First Things First? Why Is She Leaving?



First Things First host Jenna Wolfe announced she would leave the show with her last episode airing on August 12 on Fox Sports 1 leaving her fans disappointed.

Jenna is an experienced journalist who joined Fox Sports in 2017 and has been working as a co-host of the show First Things First with other hosts Kevin Wildes and Nick Wright.

Where Is Jenna Wolfe Going After Leaving First Things First?

Jenna Wolfe announced that she would be leaving the sports to show First Things First on Fox Sports 1, with her last episode airing on August 12, and fans are sad to see the host go.

She did not announce her career plans at the moment after leaving the show, but the mother of two will probably be taking a break from work and looking after her kids for some time.

Being a sports enthusiast and a professional journalist for more than a decade, she will probably be back on television soon with more of her interesting take on sports news.

The sports journalist is active on her Twitter and Instagram, so it won’t be too bad for the fans who miss her on the show as she will update her fans on her social media.

After the news of Wolfe leaving the FS1 show broke out, fans flocked to her social media writing,

“Wow! I just saw your announcement! You will be greatly missed on Fs1! I look forward to seeing your future successes!”

Another fan commented, “When, if ever, are you going to be back in the studio?.” while someone wrote, “Ay only watch first thing first bc of you, Jenny.”

It seems her fans are heartbroken to see the anchor go from the show First Things First but wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Why Is She Leaving FS1 Show?

Jenna Wolfe did not talk in detail about why she left the show First Things First, but most fans assume that she is trying to focus on her kids and herself at the moment.

The reporter has been active on social media and shares a lot about her kids growing up and being a busy mother. So, it is probable that the mother of two wants to focus on her family and kids at the moment.

Although most fans love her part in the show, some think that Jenna did not get the opportunity to express herself in the show as much as the other male hosts. The above may have also played a part in her leaving the show after a long time of not getting enough credit in the show.

However, she is sure to return to television as she loves sports and working as an anchor, so her fans are waiting for her to announce her new projects. For now, it seems like Wolfe will spend more time with her kids and enjoy working out and looking after herself on her break from anchoring.

Jenna Wolfe Net Worth

Jenna Wolfe’s estimated net worth amounts to $2 million as a journalist with over a decade of experience in the journalism world.

Wolfe has worked in networks like NBC, Fox Sports, and even National Geographic, with her big break working as a news anchor for NBC’s Weekend Today and NBC News anchor.

She left NBC and started working for Fox Sports 1, co-hosting the show First Things First, which helped her earn a lot of fame in journalism and sports.

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