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Where Are Their Parents?” Outrage as Video of Nigerian Boy and Girl Having Fun in Hotel Room Emerges

A video of a young boy and a little Nigerian girl in a hotel room has stirred outrage on social media

The clip, which showed the kids enjoying themselves, sparked a debate on the need for community parenting

Some Nigerians took a swipe at the hotel management for allowing kids to use their rooms and called for age verification for prospective users

Angry reactions have trailed a viral video showing a Nigerian boy and girl enjoying themselves in a hotel room.

The girl, who wore a crop top on blank pants, did a velfie in the clip while her male partner showed off his meal.

Outrage trailed the video. Photo Credit: @_favorite_ada
Source: Twitter

He quickly dropped his food, got close to her and appeared to kiss her on the lips.

The 15-second clip was shared on Twitter by @_favorite_ada, who wondered where the parents of the kids were.

Another tweep, Lola Okunrin, expressed disgust over the hotel clip and emphasised the importance of community parenting.

He said:

“This is why i will forever love Community parenting. Let’s say the parents of these two failed, what about the staff of the hotel? The moment they entered and ask for key, there’s an adult holding their ears and twisting it while giving them brain resetting knock. A ti miss.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media


“There should be a law that says we must show our National ID before we can access some places in Nigeria

“Verification of age must be.

“Just my opinion though.”

@iammisteriyanu said:

“I remember when I went to play ball after my mom said I shouldn’t, a neighbour say me, gave me a resounding slap and followed me back home.”

@blessmich85 said:

“Community parenting reset my brain the day I follow gang enter canoe to another community because of inter house sports. Before I got home, my ear and face collect slap.

“I can never forget the part 2 my mother gave me.”

@itsniola said:

“This. I remember how these young couple brought their daughter to a lounge and started giving her shisha. The girl isn’t up to 6 years old. Kai! The way we all gave them disgusting looks and talks ehn, they dropped the shisha and left in shame.”

@iamzeezaga said:

“I thought about this too, then I looked at it from another angle , someone cautions the kids and try to chase them away , there is also someone in that same place that will ask “Wetin concern you.”

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