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“When Your Wife Gives You Another Man’s Child, I Think It Is Ok” – Anita Joseph



Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph has taken to social media and shared her thoughts about marriage by saying it is normal for a man to accept another man’s child from their wives.

The Nigerian actress well known for her role as Sandra in the Nigerian film Tears in my Heart in 2006 took to her official verified Instagram handle and shared a beautiful photo of herself and opined that if it is normal for a wayward man to impregnate a wayward girl and accept it, it is equally normal for men to accept other men children because what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander.

About this DNA matter eh kam tinye onu
Mana nke m na Apu okwu ekwulekwu “
mana oh eziokwu nu

Listen …
When a wayward man impregnates a wayward girl “
It’s ok for the wife to Accept it abi ?
And when his wife gives him another man,s
Child I think that’s ok too oh chimoh !!

… it’s no more a man,s world fuck that shit

as you sabi nack Diffrent Kpofto come give a good woman disease tufiakwa unu”
If you don’t change this 2021 na so all your kids go be your
Boss children by the time you know e down late you go cry blood
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