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What’s Going on with Soma and Angel? Unfollowed Again!

Soma and Angel’s Unfollowing Saga Continues: Unfollowed Once Again!



What's Going on with Soma and Angel? Unfollowed Again!

The Never-Ending Unfollow Game: Soma and Angel Unfollow Each Other Again!

Soma and Angel have unfollowed each other again barely 5 hours after following each other back on instagram. The on-again, off-again dynamics of social media relationships can be quite a rollercoaster.

It appears that Soma and Angel’s recent decision to unfollow each other on Instagram has left fans, especially those who ship the couple, in shock.

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The recent decision to unfollow each other has left fans stunned, especially those keen on their coupling. 

They may have unfollowed each other in response to negative comments they received after re-following. Trolls have not spared Angel and their harsh words have questioned Soma’s intentions. 

Adding to the drama is their romantic history which began during their tenure in the Big Brother house. They both broke off their previous relationships in favor of each other. 

It’s worth noting that Perry and Mercy, another Big Brother pair, have also recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, surprising fans even more. Pere had been open about wanting a deeper relationship with Mercy. 

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