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“What Kind of a Wife Are You?” Nigerian Man Scolds His Wife in Video for Not Cooking for His Elder Brother

A Nigerian man got angry at his wife after learning that his elder brother got food outside instead of eating from the house

He confronted his wife who had recently put to bed, wondering why she did not cook food for his elder brother

The woman got pissed at him, saying she is a new mum and made soup and rice but his brother refused to eat

A video of a Nigerian man scolding his wife for not making food for his elder brother has elicited angry reactions on social media.

In a TikTok video, the man approached her where she appeared to be dressing up her newborn and questioned her.

What Kind of a Wife Are You Nigerian Man Scolds His Wife in Video for Not Cooking for His Elder Brother
He was pissed at his wife for not cooking for his elder brother Photo Credit koko de kokolet<br>Source TikTok

The woman replied him that she made rice and soup and wanted to dish it for her brother-in-law but he refused and requested semo.

She said she could not make semo as she recently delivered a baby and this probably made the man eat out.

The man scolded his wife, saying she had no reason not to make semo for his elder brother and wondered what kind of a wife she is.

The woman fired back at her husband for not being understanding.

Watch the video below:


nothing I nor go see for husband house.

♬ original sound – KOKO_DE_KOKOLET

Social media reactions

Deolu_Ola said:

“If you’re not helping, don’t come to my house to stay after delivery if na greet carry you come, you get phone, SIMPLE! no dey stress.”

user752665994571 said:

“Let it be that the husband is joking cos the thing is saying is just boiling me with anger.”


“This matter no easy oh, me I won’t want to allow any brother in my kitchen, as madam fit cook soup she for try do the semo or I will do it myself.”

beall gold said:

“If na me that he brother go da eat for outside before he live my house as for that my husband he go understand after he brother live our house.”

user9936615592145 said:

“Oga pls no disturb that woman make ur brother go do semo for himself better still oga go do that semo for ur brother period.”

Jaroverwickedness said:

“Oga be careful ,she new born ,your brother supposed to do it on his own ,is nothing, don’t allow brother to put problem for your house.”

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