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What is the purple Shampoo challenge? How to do the TikTok Shampoo Challenge hair



What is the purple Shampoo challenge

Lots of people are dying their hair on TikTok, but they’re not using normal hair dye.

It seems like everyone is bored during lockdown, and as a form of entertainment many people are deciding to change their hair. Men are shaving their hair off completely and women are cutting their hair themselves whilst hairdressers are closed.

What is the purple Shampoo challenge

But the newest trend on TikTok is to dye your hair a completely different colour, and not by using hair dye or bleach!

This challenge sees TikToker’s using everyday items like shampoo or highlighters to change the colour of their hair.

What is the TikTok Shampoo Challenge?

The TikTok challenge involves using purple shampoo, a special strong type of shampoo that is usually used by blonde haired people to stop orange tones showing in their hair, to dye their hair purple. 

The shampoo has an intensely strong purple pigment, and when left on the hair for a long period of time it can actually make your hair go purple, although it’s not supposed to. 

How to do the TikTok Shampoo Challenge

  • First, buy a bottle of purple shampoo, also sometimes called silver shampoo. You can find it in any pharmacy or supermarket and it isn’t very expensive.
  • Put a large amount of the shampoo all over your hair.
  • There’s no set time to leave the shampoo on for, but the longer you leave it on the more purple it will go.
  • The challenge will work better on blonde or fair hair. 
  • Then, wash the shampoo off and your hair should be purple!

TikTokers are also using highlighters to dye their hair!

Now everyone knows you can make your hair purple by using purple shampoo, people are making new variations of the challenge by using other everyday items to try and dye their hair.

One popular TikTok is the Highlighter Challenge, with people dying their hair using ordinary coloured highlighter pens.

It’s probably not the best thing for your hair, and it doesn’t always work very well, but that doesn’t stop TikTok users from giving it a go!

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