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What happened to the Turpin parents: All You Need To Know



Turpin Parents Wothappen

Turpin parents were the parents on 13 siblings who are serving out a life sentence for child cruelty, torture, false imprisonment, and cruelty to a dependent adult. After police raided their California home in 2018, David, 60, and Louise Turpin, 53, were sentenced to life in prison in 2019, after the pair were discovered to have held their 13 children captive, and they were found to be malnourished.

The couple were discovered after two of their children escaped in 2018 and one managed to call the police. The children will speak out about their experience in a Friday November 19 ABC 20/20 Special with Diane Sawyer. David and Louise got married when he was 23, and she was 16, according to TIME. Both were born in West Virginia, and the family moved multiple times after the two got married.

The Turpin siblings were placed into foster homes. While in foster care, six among the thirteen children were further abused by their foster parents. That was a report from the attorney of two of the Turpin siblings.

The pair lived in Fort Worth and Rio Vista, Texas before moving to California in 2010. They moved to Perris, where they ultimately captured, 2014. David was an engineer, and he worked for companies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. While not much has been revealed about their children, the oldest when they were arrested was 29-years-old, and their youngest was two at the time.

Louise’s sister Teresa Robinette revealed in a 2018 interview that the pair engaged in an unconventional sexual relationship. “She told me that her and David had met a man online from Alabama. And that they were on their way there to meet him, and that she was going to sleep with him, and that David was okay with that,” her sister claimed.

Where are the Turpin parents now?
The Turpin parents, David and Louise were prosecuted by Hestrin, a Riverside District Attorney and are serving life sentences in separate California penitentiaries.

Were any of the Turpin children adopted?
It is unknown if anybody adopted any of the Turpin children.

Was Turpin family abused by foster parents?
Yes, some of the siblings after being abused by their biological parents ended up being abused further by their foster parents. The attorney of two of the siblings reported to HLN that six of the thirteen Turpin children who were tortured for years by their biological parents endured a “second bout” of abuse, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and their reports were ignored by the foster care agency.

What happened to Jennifer Turpin?
Jennifer Turpin currently works at a local restaurant. She is also penning down Christian pop music that she hopes to share soon on the side.

Where does Jordan Turpin live now?
Jordan Turpin now lives in her own apartment in California. She said it has been a “scary” adjustment, as “it’s expensive, and you’re not aware of how much you’re gonna need”. However, she also said it has been nice to “just be myself” and feel free.

What happened to the youngest Turpin child?
What happened to Louise Turpin kids?
Louise Turpin’s kids were subjected to torture, starvation and imprisonment in their family home. These siblings were in bondage for a long whle before one was able to escape and called 911. When law enforcement came in to salvage the situation, they were relocated and placed to foster a family.

How did Turpin get a cell phone?
Turpin got a cell phone from her brother. Apparently, Jordan Turpin had somehow obtained an envelope that had her home’s address on it, a cell phone from her brother that was only able to dial 911 and escaped through a window.

Where are the Turpin siblings today?
Zektser reported that three of the Turpins are taking college courses and several of their younger siblings remain in foster care.

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