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What Happened To Anastasiia Yalanska? Ukrainian Volunteer Shot Dead By The Russian Troops

Anastasiia Yalanska is available on Instagram. Is she on Wikipedia? She was shot dead by the Russian troops.

Another heartbreaking news has hit the internet today. We all are aware that Russia has started an invasion of Ukraine, and the country’s peace has been violated by Russia for a while now.

The Ukrainian volunteer named Anastasia Yalanska has been volunteering and delivering food to a dog shelter in a civilian vehicle when attacked by Russian troops on March 5, 2022. She was killed to death this morning. She seems to be a young and talented student and a dog lover.

Ukraine Volunteer Anastasiia Yalanska Shot To Death By The Russian Troops

Reportedly, Anastasiia Yalanska was fatally shot to death by Russian troops on Saturday, March 5, 2022. The further insights are kept confidential at this time.

Many Ukrainian supporters are showing their love to the deceased soul via Twitter.

One user tweets the post by sharing her photo and wrote, “She is saddened to have woken up this morning to the news that a past colleague, Anastasiia Yalanska, was murdered by Putin’s Army in Ukraine.”

Who Is Anastasiia Yalanska? Age And Bio Here

Anastasiia Yalanska’s age and birth date are concealed now. By scanning her photos, she might be in her late 20s.

As per the Linkedin post by Roy B, Anastasiia was well-respected at Data Robot. Sources confirmed other two unidentified individuals are dead.

Is Ukrainian Volunteer Anastasiia Yalanska On Instagram?

We found out that Anastasiia Yalanka was a dog lover, and there is a page with a bio Anastasia Yalanska. Sadly, the page is full of dogs images, we can’t figure out if that’s her official Ig page as there is no image of her.

We’re trying our best to dig into every tabloid but failed to trace her career and academic details. She is probably a student.

As far as the reports, Anastasiia is from Ukraine, and she became the victim of Russian troops on Saturday. She was the colleague of Andriy Piddubny and was shot to death while traveling in Bucha on Saturday, said Avalaina Tweets.

Anastasiia Yalanska Family Details Here

We discovered nothing about Anastasiia Yalanska’s parents and family background at the moment. People are sharing her photos and retweeting the post with hashtags Stop Russia, StandwithUkraine.

As per the recently updated news, President Biden’s Department of State announced that NATO countries now have the “green light” to send fighter jets to Ukraine. They want to help fight-off Russia’s illegal invasion and protect the citizens of Ukraine. By doing this, will the netizens of Ukraine be safe? What do you think about the decision?

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