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Ways To Buy Crypto In Canada

Cryptocurrencies are a great investment option that every investor wants to try out at present. But, the market is not an easy one to understand and is a huge one to explore. 

The entire process, starting from hodling to buying and even selling it in an exchange, needs great expertise and knowledge for the same. If you are from Canada, this blog will be the perfect guide for you to invest in crypto. Learn more:

It will help you to understand the complete process and how you should proceed in this journey. Dive into this blog to find out more about it in detail. 

Ways To Get Cryptocurrency In Canada 

When it comes to buying Cryptos in Canada, there are certain steps involved in it. Check out these steps to get an idea about buying Cryptos in Canada! 

Select The Exchange: 

The first step in buying Cryptos or investing in the same is selecting and creating an account in exchange. These firms are a virtual marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade Cryptos. 

You will find plenty of exchanges where you can trade Canadian dollars for Cryptocurrency. Or you can also trade one Cryptocurrency for another in these exchanges. In these firms, you will have to charge a transaction payment. 

Also, these firms are secure marketplaces as you will have access to customer services 24/7 and higher security options. Some top Cryptocurrency exchanges in the nation are: 

Binance Canada

But the security and other features of the Crypto exchanges will also depend on their type. The types of exchanges are: 

Centralized Exchanges – 

In these exchanges, you can buy, sell, trade, or even store Cryptos. They are named centralized exchanges because the firms act as a middle person and are the central marketplace for all Crypto enthusiasts. You will find more CEXs in Canada as it is quite popular here! 

Decentralized Exchanges – 

Here, you will not find the marketplace to be a middle person. And directly, you can exchange your Cryptos. Also, you do not need to lend out your private information on DEXs. This cancels out the need for transaction fees and leads to full privacy! 

Hybrid Marketplaces – 

These are a mix of both the aforementioned exchanges. You will find CEX’s efficiency and speed here along with privacy like that of DEX. Also, you will have full control over your digital assets on these platforms. 

Buy Cryptos: 

The second step after creating an account on an exchange is to buy your preferred Cryptocurrencies. If you are buying for the first time, you will have to deposit a certain amount of CAD to start your trades! 

Many marketplaces will even provide you the facility of linking your bank account so that direct transfers can take place! 

Keeping The Crypto Safe: 

After investing in digital currencies, you need to take responsibility for keeping them safe. Because there are higher chances of losing the entire investment under cyberattacks, forgetfulness, or even theft! 

Many Canadians tend to ignore the security that CDIC provides them. CDIC offers insurance of up to 100,000 USD, in your funds saved in the bank. But this is not the case with Cryptos, which is not backed by CDIC. 

Buy With Your Cryptos: 

After buying and storing Cryptos, you can even use them for transactions in your everyday activities. But you can avoid this step if your goal is investment alone. 

But, if you want to buy with the help of Cryptos there are a few ways to do this – 

Get Yourself A Crypto Card – 

You can have it in two types, either prepaid or debit card. Both these cards can be linked to your Cryptocurrency wallets. 

Retailers Who Accept Cryptocurrency – 

There are an increasing number of retailers who are starting to accept Cryptocurrency. Most of them accept Bitcoin in general. So, you need to find the list of all retailers around you who accept payments in Crypto. 


Before starting your investments in this market, you also need to be aware of the risks associated with it. There are a lot of fluctuations and uncertainties in this Crypto space that you need to undergo. 

If you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check the bitcoin trading platform, Bitcoin smart.

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